Experience & Expertise In Virtual Worlds

April - November 2020

CEO / Designer (Kieran Stephens Designs)

I owned and designed using bakes on mesh and full perm mesh templates. As the saying goes "What does not spark joy, throw out the window" - I was becoming tired and was not feeling like I was doing anything justice.  I was having trouble keeping up with the virtual world brand financially and put it on the back burner until I learn to create mesh on my own.

Sept - Present

DJ  @ Darkstar's Speakeasy

Sundays 4-6 PM SLT @ Darkstar's Speakeasy and Voice Lounge. I'm on the sinful and naughty shift. I Think i'm more trolling and nerdy than anything else!

March 2020 - November 2020

Dj & Manager (The Beehive/The Beehive Event)

I dj'ed at our place when we owned it. I ran the event back in June and July. I managed the Djs with Dj BBG and liaisoned with our building manager each time we moved lands.  We weren't making enough money on other ventures to sustain keeping the original hangout, and dissolved in November of 2020.

Feb 2020 - Present


Extending my real-life qualifications - I've been available for freelance design, photography, and other work. I won't do cheap projects, which means I won't be doing illegal works and recoloring or reconstructing copyrighted works for other clients.



Below is my REAL LIFE resume/curriculum vitae.