Why you should consider NOT releasing to Youtube Music!

So as you know I've been steadily preparing to throw music to the four winds and get them on streaming platforms. While I'm no professional producer and am always trying to learn the next best thing within the means of my monetary and mental capacities - I am of a mind on where my music goes.

Youtube Music is a valid (i guess?) platform that took over from Google Play Music in 2020. While it's many downfalls are not something that prevents me from sending my music to its platform, the way it handles artist releases is. I started releasing via AMUSE.IO - a free and paid service that has multiple options.

Yet my first release without me even giving it a thought went not only to the normal streaming services but it also jumped into Youtube Music. This is not regulated the same way normal streaming services are. First of all, if you don't already have a partner account - your video/song goes straight to "VARIOUS ARTISTS" before it's processed, and of course, goes onto a TOPIC video.

For an amateur/indie producer, this is an utter nightmare. I have 13 people who subscribe to my new account, and I only had like 10 who'd picked up my old account before swapping over. In turn, you CANNOT claim your artist profile on Youtube Music until you have partnership status or monetization status - which is basically "you need to be a partner with us to release your music".

Now I didn't do this for profit per se, people streaming my music on Spotify and Apple aren't really going to make me rich by tomorrow. I did this more for the ease of finding the music. Having your music on as many platforms as possible makes it easier to find.

If in this case, I have my own youtube channel without partnership status, and I regularly make either streaming videos with my music OR I make single videos with my music - why would I need to "official release". It seems pointless, especially if I'm not using the copyright ID system.

Well ok, the CONTENT ID system. Because I'm not interested in blacklisting people for using my music in the light of people struggling to find monetization friendly playlists on Spotify and beyond. It's not like I'm at 1000 subscribers at the moment, and it's not like I'm going to be the NEXT DAVID GUETTA.

I'm me, and while there's only so much you can do to teach me how to get rich quick or in the next 52 weeks - I'm turning 38 on the 12th. Youth get in quicker, the smarter younger more "Pretty" people get in first for the line to success. My success isn't gained by the same usual path.

So with me, with my Autism and ADHD - I KNOW I can't do everything on my own. So the more I learn now about everything, in how to proceed with producing, procuring licenses. The more I learn about where my tracks go, and who has access, and why - the better.

I am not KNOCKING the release of anyone's music onto Youtube Music. But without the aspect of a proper music video or even management system for me - this option was not useful at all.

Most people I know around my age are either Apple Music or Spotify users. I'm trying to promote the use of Audius by mainly releasing 0-day tracks after I'm done with them. Things are not a boom-boom-boom easy road after all, so the more promotion free or otherwise I can do for others, as well as myself - the better things will be in my opinion.

This isn't a post to tell you as a POPULAR or even INDIE artist not to release on that platform. It's to inform you EXACTLY what happened to me. Maybe you're "INDIE" and you have 998 followers and just need 2 more to hit partner status. I'm not just indie, I'm sewer gutter-level independent lol.

Thanks for hearing my rants. Hopefully, you'll take my two cents and not chuck them in the city fountain :P

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