What's in a Shirt?!? (FFXIV: Endwalker & Geekery)

Please note, I still haven't finished Shadowbringers. Much of the content in here spoils some of the story for me, as well as you. If you like me, are entirely OK WITH THIS THEN ROLL ON RIGHT AHEAD! This is not quite the same as the linked thread based on references and easter eggs, more so it's a traction on the Endwalker 6.0 prediction trend.

Right now, as you know there's three shirts. Two in the live announcement that was in english and Japanese. A third was worn in the Live Letter portion, which was not dual language, but only in Japanese.


Right now I need you all to stop on the "THE FIRST TWO ARE BAND T-SHIRTS". These shirts are from a Harajuku streetwear label. Yes there are plausible 5.0 and 6.0 references in these store brands. Theoretically the store in question is an Emet Selch reference. (Comment was found in the thread on this youtube video)

Previous releases for expansions have had the t-shirt, and costume trend. This is a big deal of course, because Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) is a huge nerd. His age range would be the one that i'd be going up to and politley asking him to unpack his fandoms, and what music he likes and what he thinks of the world. I'm an early millenial, go figure we do weird shit like this. One in particular is a FanFest concert where he featured with the Primals in a KIMONO. This was largely a direct tie to the 4.0 release of Stormblood with the Samurai class/job.

Also, similarly they have as fans - a hilarious trend of going out on a 1cm ledge and going "THATS IT THATS THE TICKET" - like a Jon Lovitz convention. I have noticed larger channels on youtube, like Work to Game and Gaming Kinda - they have been more 'speculative' in a content creator type way. That is not to lead people to an exact theory.

Nobody is wrong here, everyone has a wonderful and CRAZY theory ahead!


Ok so, to unpack the comment from the thread mentioned above we'll discuss that one first:

"I also looked up the Neighborhood brand storefront in Shibuya, it's located right next to the Shibuya Emit Hotel. might be an emet selch reference." Shadowdancer on youtube replied to one of my comments on the video with this.

I'm coming from a different perspective on this, so being that i'm more of an FF nerd rather than a true gamer - i'm actually late to the game on this. As stated in a previous FF blog post - I LITERALLY haven't played hugely since 10 and even that was sparing. I did not own a ps2, or ps3 - I only had the psONE when it was out and then had played 7,8 and 9. I had a super nintendo as a child, so i played what was equal to 5 and 6 in JPN titles. I also have played Secret Of Mana, and have toyed with Chrono Trigger i believe.

As someone who's also got a huge background in academic study on asian culture and design - I have a very different take on the theories on how Yoshi-P teases us.

So, think of it this way - I ask you, readers of mine. How would you tease your viewers, players, etc - Would you make it easy like a lot of you have ascertained with this one? Being that this is our FIFTH expansion (not including 1.0 that is), why would it be as easy as three T-shirts?

First of all, let's look at how Emet Selch is a reference:

Picking the text from the Fandom Wiki:

"The Latin word solus means "alone" or "separate" and is commonly used in stage directions. "Galvus" is derived from Latvian word galva, meaning "head".

"Emet-Selch" refers to the light scion "Emet-Selch, Angel of Truth" referred to in the profile of Zalera in Final Fantasy XII. His glyph mask, before fighting him as Hades, is almost identical to the bottom portion of Zalera's, only inverted.

Emet-Selch in Hebrew is אמת–סלח (emet-selaḥ). Formed out of two root words (Hebrew shoreshim, "roots" are the three-letter combinations from which all other words are derived), the words themselves cannot be reduced any further and are in their "whole" or "original" forms, just as Emet-Selch, one of the Source Ascians, is of his "original" form. אמת is "truth", while סלח is the verbal "to forgive", making the literal translation of the title "(to) forgive the truth". Hades is the Greek god of the Underworld, as well as the name of the Underworld itself. Despite many modern portrayals, in Ancient Greek mythology, Hades was not represented as evil. Later Christians used the name as being synonymous with the Devil, which seems to be the inspiration for the forms that the monsters with this name take. Emet-Selch's connection to the Greek god, Hades, is further solidified in the "Through His Eyes" short story, where he is described as having an affinity with the "Underworld", the ancients' term for the Lifestream."

So, remembering ALL OF THIS - there's still a possibility for a few things.

Peeling back the Emet Selch reference, there's little chance it's actually the Shibuya hotel. Emet-Selah or Emet Selch is a hebrew rooted word set (i'm trying to guess if it's a full word or they're just inverting the words to be nerds.). The Japanese have a HUGE context of adding western religion and philosophy into their games and anime. Why? Because it's a fascination, basically Evangelion is a take on most of Soren Kierkegaard's work. To live is to die, but in the end where is the sickness in death?

Greek mythology and Roman mythology is something games and media have always played into.

These would be your clues, along with the T-shirts. The shirts, however are little to do with being bands. They're allusions to a bigger picture.

The time that someone picked Spiderman from his tee, and said "SAM RAIMI = SAMU RAI MI" - and ergo we had the Samurai job. This is what I call the "DISHWASHER = DARK KNIGHT" theory. Sure, i'm calling out the absurdity, but i'm also laughing with you not at you. There could've been a deeper meaning, in that there's a larger picture with the heroics of the melee DPS. A lot of superheros can be mirrored back and harkened back to asian mythology as well. They're not direct copies, but they're plausibly influenced.

The bigger picture would be that I do agree of a Scythe based job. Not because of the t-shirts exactly. I'm somewhat agreeing based on the second one, and the third one. However the ideation that we're getting something that can raise zombies, has already pretty much been cancelled by Yoshi-P. Hilariously they joked about Necromancer as a running theme in the Live Announcement.

You see a Scythe in the trailer, with Zenos on a throne or a chair per se. There's a large influence of it being plausibly a reference to the underworld. The moon similarly plays a part in this mythology.


Reference 25 on the "Selene" wikipage for Greek Mythology:

" Gantz, p. 35. The same scholiast gives another story involving Endymion's love for Hera, this time attributed to the Great Ehoiai, saying that "Endymion was carried up by Zeus to heaven, but that he was seized by desire for Hera and was deceived by the phantom of a cloud, and that because of this desire he was thrown out and went down to Hades", see Most, fragment 198, p. 275. "

We could be getting Mamoru, and we're getting our first tuxedo - and screw the scythe it's a YAOI RELATIONSHIP WITH ZENOS THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. I mean, Paladin is just a ruse - I mean honestly, Yoshi-P and Naoko Takeuchi probably have some secret vendetta for us.

I'm kidding.

Selene and Endymion are still big references in terms of the fact we're going to the moon. Some people see the Moon as a reference to an underworld, though in Greek Mythology it evidently wasn't. I never took classics in high school, so my brain runs on geek theory on that end of academics.

In reality, it really is a melee DPS. It's likely a SCYTHE, but will there be dark magic? Maybe. But maybe not in the way we think. We won't know until Fan Fest.

Another theory is that the "I'll be Right Here If You Need Me" is a direct reference to the following link: https://genius.com/Keshi-right-here-lyrics . The hilarity of rock band references when you're missing the blatant third one. Children of Bodom is a metal - maybe goth band, and likely is your fever dream reference for a Scythe weilding weirdo.

I'm not sure why we're picking at straws. Why can't we unpack it further than the blatancy on the shirts?

No Comment isnt' a rock band, Neighborhood isn't a rock band. Yes, there's a Sex Pistols reference in the shirt and streetwear label. No there isn't a true reference to a TEMPLAR JOB (sorry Work To Game, i'm gonna call a nix on this one). Julian Temple directed/produced something in reference to Sex Pistols. Does this mean Templar?

Maybe i'm wrong .. let's see what a templar class does in terms of an MMO or classic RPG:

According to most links just in the first google search alone - we're talking about a PALADIN. We're talking you've been fooled by a reference that has nothing to do with the actual content. Yoshi-P is honestly giving you all a good run for your money. The trailer has more beef in it, bar the paladin reference - than anything he was wearing in the first announcement.

A templar, in classical sense is of course likened to a PALADIN. A sort of WARRIOR fighting for LIGHT or in this case in history - CHRISTIANITY. That's what was in the 3.0 expansion - your Heavensward Knights. Templar Knights are Paladins. But again, let's go deeper and seeing what in an RPG a Templar ACTUALLY COULD BE!

According to the D&D Wiki:

Much like the paladin archetype, Templars are highly disciplined knights that wield heavy armor, martial weaponry, and the religious power of a wholesome deity. Through a constant and undying fervor to serve their lords and their god, Templars gain extraordinary divine and physical powers which they use to protect the land from the unholy and the corrupt. As with knights and paladins, Templars are sturdy and resilient individuals who possess a divine health and the best armor that one can procure.

Templars are extremely devoted to their cause and to a god's purpose; they are so devoted to these guidelines, however, that they cannot multiclass into any other divine class. Templars may also not multiclass into an inherently unlawful class or design and may not do so even if they have become an ex-Templar.

Ok so, what DO THEY USE for a weapon?

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Templars are proficient with all simple weapons, as well as the favored weapon of their deity. Templars are proficient with all types of armor, but not with shields as they believe in smiting foes with their two-handed weapons.

Well, if i'm wrong then we are looking at a plausible SCYTHE WIELDING TEMPLAR. Problem is, then you're looking at a DARK KNIGHT CLONE. Theoretically, they'd be a Paladin from the FIRST as a TEMPLAR wielding a "GOOD" but "DARK" weapon. Or they're just being assholes and you can get a DPS class that can wield a tank weapon.

Anyone remember Chris from Work to game referencing the Berserker Class?

There's a plausible reference to a scythe type weapon, if you thought about how berserker's work in D&D or other MMORPG's.

In the Old Norse written corpus, berserkers were those who were said to have fought in a trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the modern English word berserk (meaning "furiously violent or out of control"). Berserkers are attested to in numerous Old Norse sources.

So taken that from a Wikipedia page, we can go forth and wonder what reference to NORSE MYTHOLOGY DO WE GET?

We can't get Thor, not in the way you want. Disney would kick FFXIV in to the ground, as it's not a Kingdom Hearts crossover - unless we're lucky and we get that. Likely you COULD GET a THOR reference, thor with a hammer - but commercially that's hard to touch on as the big huge reference to Marvel Comics. That being said, you COULD get a Berserker who is c