Website Downtime (Maybe?)

Just a warning blog post that I am ... well EXTREMELY QUICKLY trying to merge my portfolio website with this one. It is a well thought out reasoning why I'm merging my SL with my RL again. Ryan Schultz, a well known SL blogger also blogs about reality with his blog. He has a career outside of his blog of course, and in a way so do I.

I don't hide my second life, because it's an extension of my real life. That's not saying that others aren't valid for doing the "hiding" - there's a reason we have a Second Life. It's a way to explore the vast virtual space we've been given to create.

But billing time is coming up in three days on my portfolio website, and while it's NOT a cost-cutting factor - it's more of a stress cutting factor. Squarespace is a VERY valid platform, and there's a lot of plus sides to it. Right now, it doesn't fit what I require for how much that I'm paying for it. This is just a personal choice. I also like how Wix has grown to a multi-faceted website builder that's advanced YET easy to use. Squarespace is just as easy, but again - it's almost too easy for what I require and a lot of the advanced features I want - cost too much on Squarespace. They're a great, easy and solid platform if you're used to Wordpress and refuse to mess with Gutenberg.

Anyways, this wasn't a review post - this is me signing off for a day or two from doing reviews and blogging (DESPITE WANTING TO MAKE A FINAL FANTASY 14 post I CAN'T RIGHT NOW LOL) - until i merge and swap over. It won't be horribly hard, I have access to most of my content and Wix automatically makes things load faster *unlike squarespace*.

So uh.






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