Warning: Predatory Individuals on SL

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Trigger Warning: Predatory behavior and sexual advances. -------------------

I'm here to notify the public of some disturbing behavior about a former member of Beehive Staff (he was a DJ at our place once a week but now we don't have the hangout or my shop anymore).

1deatheater resident and 1deatheateryt resident He's also on Youtube and Twitter under similar names.

His politics sure leave a dirty taste, but it's that as of recently he's actually abused sexually (mentally/verbally) a former member of staff and an SL family member of mine.

Just because someone works in the areas of pleasing people, text erotic, etc - Dancing in SL, etc - doesn't mean it's an open invitation.

This specific person who was harmed was in the middle of a video call as a FRIEND to him - and while sharing physical cats (She and her family in RL foster kittens with a rescue service) that were climbing in and out of her shirt - Was "jacking off" to put it bluntly. This was with the person saying NO DO NOT advance on me or show me anything.

This was with the person being told before DO NOT BE SEXUAL or anything without them saying YES - consent is key. We'd yelled at him previous as he was being strange before this. We'd all thought he'd been valid and settled down. But last night he was offering to show his RL dick to the family member of mine and was so disturbed he'd "tainted his image of himself" to her.

I do have one screenshot from it, but the description of the issue should be enough without dragging the individual who's been abused through the mud.

You may ask WHY and how pray tell I know about it - Well, he's admitted to doing things with her and kept asking me why she would shy away. I'd try and be blunt but nice about it but he'd still go off and flirt/lewd stalk her.

Be aware of him, be aware that this is not safe behavior. BE aware that I am not here to cause drama about him.

His profile is blank on one or both of them, but they've been blank for a long time. He's also an SL wrestler with one of the lesser-known guilds on SL. I apologize to anyone who'd shown up to his sets assuming he was safe. I put people in danger in some way or another and i do feel slightly responsible for this guy after hiring him and having him work at my place.

He's being banned across several sims in SL as we speak, but if you run into him - don't' give him the time of day, but be aware he's prone to strange discussions and almost prone to feeling like he's at fault for his image but won't change. I want to mention this is similar to what people call "INCEL" but I'm not entirely sure this is as bad as that -but it's bad enough.

So my apologies from my side that I've put anyone in danger, I'm working on rectifying it - and now you're all aware of this duncebag who can ride his canoe back to whence he came from and just leave people alone.

If he's on FB and sees this, it's his own fault - because my small SL fam and I don't play ball to predators. Just because Beehive and KSD are shut doesn't' mean we can't keep others safe.

Edit: This topic has come up about age regression in SL communities. Part of the issue with this was a sensitive topic relative to age regression and abusive pasts and abusive present. Whilst i'm aware some people have mental health on the abusing end that need to be "forgiven" sometimes - this one, in particular, had been given several chances. Nobody is asking you to track his social media down or do anything like that - What you do with this information is your choice. IT's more so the communities that this guy has been around at times may be at risk including the wrestling ones the's involved in via Second Life.

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