Tiny Changes: Choices SUCK! (Kidding)

So I'm working on moving everything over to Wix from Squarespace. Yet I have a CHOICE to make that I'm not sure I want to make. Pay for ONE website, and leave the SL blog to be a freebie site, OR - Pay for one site and merge my RL and SL sites together again.

(My real-life logo was used to make the first watermark made for the blogger photography - the image links to my Squarespace site - and then when it changes over to the Wix site it'll go there.)

The thing is, the name is going to have to reflect both if I change it back to RL/SL again. I'll have to change the color theme to match my RL branding - that is of course if I wanted to KEEP that branding. It's been a year since I graduated, I don't have to keep a consistent brand if I don't want to do I?

Well, ok yes. I do have to keep a consistent brand. Thing is, I kind of am not sure how much I like my branding from a year ago. I have less than a week or even less than that to figure out WHAT I want to do.

I vote that I'm gonna have to merge them both to better serve everyone's needs. Not just mine, but that way my portfolio is out in the open, and I am no longer held by the reigns of a seriously dead website. I also vote NOT to do that as some people in the "PROFESSIONAL" world may get offended at how loud, proud, and sometimes vulgar and obnoxious I get on my blog. After all, Second Life isn't entirely "PROFESSIONAL" is it?

That's just it, it can be. And how I am on my blog isn't THAT vulgar and obnoxious, I'm not talking about farts and sex 24/7. I leave that for my 5 minutes a day I have to remind myself that I'm almost 38 and that I can't act 12 anymore. Until my mother reminds me that I've repeated my 5-minute mantra several times in the day and that I might as well give up.

Why am I considering or working on leaving Squarespace? One of the key features I've needed is no longer available. That is sad of course unless I pay extra for commercial use. These features are available for paid OR free on Wix. Mostly the embedding, because while I can't offer a ton of commercial use on a website even if i paid for it - I can embed Ko-Fi and other links that I can't even get to work on Squarespace.

Why don't I just use WordPress like all the other "smart" and "adult" individuals in the design profession? The cost of upkeep and plugins, and the effort in NOT getting your website hacked on WordPress - well is entirely the problem. I owned the beehive SL website for a few months and let me tell you - as soon as you install WordPress - you've become vulnerable to attack. Some people know how to batten the hatches, keep safe - but those are people who have consistent funds to keep up with it or know how to code their own stuff.

The utter sheer frustration and terror I have trying to go back to molding a template to what I need - messing with the CSS. TOYING WITH THE PHP - and trying to live to see another day. That's why I jumped to Squarespace. I had an unhealthy fear of drag and drop sites because well back in the day of whatever - Wix, Weebly etc - were really horrid in my view. I still wasn't sure about it when I tried to use it in 2018 for a class thing - so i pushed it aside. I jumped to Squarespace in 2019 for my portfolio website. I paid for the commercial use of it, and was not making much from using that feature.

Fast forward a year, and it was extremely expensive to keep up with - so I downgraded. I lost the ability to embed ANYTHING including paypal or ko-fi, audius or soundcloud alike. When uploading music? It had to be in Mp3 format - it couldn't be in WAV format. Couldn't embed a PDF, and couldn't even attach one. Right now in the stage of my "career" (yea, I'm not sure how i feel about saying i have a career when i'm sitting blogging for Second Life and I'm not employed anywhere really in RL to make money to live off) - right now, in this "Career" stage as i was saying - I need those things. I need to be able to show off the PDF files that cant be converted to JPG because they'd lose information. I need to be able to use embedding so i don't waste valuable space uploading WAV files.

I need to be able to centralize everything. Not only that but I almost feel like the templates that are available on Squarespace are old, outdated and the same thing I saw last year.

Squarespace is wonderful, but I think i need a breath of fresh air for once.

Also, more news on the "CAREER" front - I've been upgraded to not only a DJ at Darkstar's Speakeasy in Second Life - but due to my lack of streaming choices - they've upgraded me to a Dj on Dark Star Radio. Speaking of immature things - I warn you my station drops are seriously so on point for my humor. When i'm nervous in a good way - I lose all sense of adulthood and Just flow with it and do silly things. In this case? imitating my dog and going "PET ME, LOVE ME" and other stupid things.

So you'll find out today at 4pm Pacific USA TIME / 6pm Central Time JUST HOW BAD of a DJ I AM.

So yea, thanks to the boss for giving me your stream to play on ... Me being an actual Radio DJ now makes me kinda giggy inside.. problem is can people tolerate how trolly i get on sundays US time?

I'll make an official post about this soon!

Anyways, you'll see the blog/site change a bit if i decide to merge them both. I'm pretty sold on the idea that it's a good idea. With blogging it means there's more traffic. Second Life is a big part of my artistic ventures, and so is my music - i'll just have to note that Kieran Stephens is my Second Life nickname and that Kieran Somerville is the name i use in RL. Exception is i haven't legally changed it to that yet. I don't have a dead name, i'm not that particularly strained against my birth name. I just always hated the full thing.

Oh? You wanted to know? Nope, lol - I reserve that for when i blurt it out on accident, when people need to see my ID - or if i'm talking to someone i've known a long time.

Hah. Got you there :P


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