The Lowdown: Second Life Goodies Worth Their Mark In Gold!

I promised you i'd put a second life based post up before i buried the blog in new ideas and new things. These are photos i forgot to make a post on because i got so fuddled up in the sale posts. Worry not, i'll probably stop falling over on my face and make another gathered sale post for this week soon!

Full look will be below, I am picking specific things that are in each photo. In this one? BOM QUEEN's Thera makeup. The lightning bolt brings me back to my weird obsession with facial markings. The GLITTER Is on point. It comes in several colors, and several styles as well. It's Bakes on Mesh so it fits most compatible heads and system layers. (Marketplace links will be below in the full look layout)

PRIDE TEARS! Ok pride is NEVER over for some of us, and it's an important thing to remember where things started. Crying cause you're not fabulous enough isn't why these are prideful tears. These aren't CRYING TEARS anyway, they're awesome smudged makeup - tears of pride from the LGBTQIA+ section of pride. Years of struggle, and the more progress we make the more tears of joy we can have! Also those ears, xD hah. I have an addiction to Gachas, and those are from a Gacha from OLIVE! The heart/moon bindi is from OLIVE as well.

HEYO! FINAL FANTASY PEEPS! MI'QOTE EARS! Mind you these are ONLY the demo, and they're not entirely exact to what's in the game. That being said they move on their own, the color huds are amazing. I moved mine in relative to where I thought they should sit, but it's all up to you how you want to wear them. All you're missing now is the KITTY TAIL!


Makeup: * Some of the base makeup is from YS&YS linked below* - Pride Tears: I'm NOT SURE but i think the lipstick i used instead of the Thera one was: (if not i'll have to hunt it down, regardless SWEETLY is amazing.)

Skin: YS&YS

Head: Lelutka ERIN (see my other post for information on the LILLY head!) - You can find out more information about their brand here: <-- I urge you to read on their site because they're that awesome.

Eyes: (Not Listed because i can't find them on the marketplace) - Compatible and similar brands to search for : S0NG, AviGlam

Shirt: Feelin' Cozy:

Pants *NOT SHOWN*:


Body: Maitreya. Shape by BABY BEAN! (Who is the sponsor of this post, more information below!)

Extras from each (that were advertised):

Miqote Ears: Bom Queen Thera:

Pride Tears:

Olive (for the kitty gacha): (SLURL Is on the MP :D)

NOW! Onto the secret sponsor!

Baby Bean! She is a at home and on discord, and teleport to your place consultant of all things fashion, shapes, makeup and more!

There's several ways to get ahold of her! One is via my personal discord for my brand, another is via her avatar in SL - and well another is booking a consultation and hanging out at my office! She'll go where need be, and we all love what she does.

Most of the shapes she'd worked on with me are ones where i'd created a style for the face but she'd fix the body to better proportions.

Both my big sponsor, Booty's Beauty and my little sponsor - Baby Bee's do makeovers.

You can get ahold of Bee-an via SL: ElizaRoyals Via Discord: TheBean#9380 OR via my discord:

ENJOY IF I DONT GET TO SEE ANY OF YOU ALL BEFORE CHRISTMAS - RIP TO ME BECAUSE ITS SUPER HELLA BUSY IN RL RIGHT NOW - so i may just crawl in the dirt and keep reading trump tweets for a laugh!

Don't forget I now have a REAL LIFE monetary-based store open to help pay for music i make and to run this website. I've got coupons galore anyway so lemme know what you think of it!


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