Testing Meta's Ava Head

Bento Head: Ava - Testing a 99L Bento Head

Where can you get the head: marketplace.secondlife.com/p/META-Ava-Bento-Mesh-Head-BoM... it's 99 L right now. (or WAS at the time of original posting: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kieranxstephens83/50433664356/in/dateposted-public/ ) I don't own the business, i don't have any rights to promote it. A friend of mine works with them, and it's a new release and it's a really good backup or a good choice for a budget head, new starter. Skin: 7 deady Skins (Envy 2020) Hair: Lamb (Eccentric pack from the Sometimes Hair) Tank: Kieran Stephens Designs (NOW CLOSED) Bom Pants: See tank XD (I made tehse back when i was doing old system layer crap) (NOW CLOSED) Tattoo: Cureless (i got it at last weekend's So Kawaii Sundays) Backdrop: FOX CITY (IT's based on 2NE1's video for I AM THE BEST) Eyeshadow: Booty's Beauty (STay at home gift) (INWORLD STORE) Lips: EAB Pouty (frmo an EAB Sakurako skin set i had from years ago) ... ahem. Only thing i'm not sold on for my personal views on a head: The nose. If you like thicker noses, and the style on this head -it's GREAT. It's utterly based on the SLUV - and it's amazeballs.


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