Site Updates January 2020

A simple update for those of you who've been here since before i swapped to using my domain name:

  1. Swapped my personal/branded domain from squarespace to wix - This merged the original blog with my own website. This was intentional.

  2. Added Terms of Service, End User Lisc. Agreement *EULA*, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy (Official version) and a CODE OF CONDUCT for members and future members of this site.

  3. Added the portfolio function - and this is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" as I learn new functions of the WIX PLATFORM.

  4. Created an online store via PRINTFUL a Print on Demand and Dropshipping platform.

  5. Included a seperate MUSIC portfolio with links to AUDIUS, SPOTIFY & Wix Music as well as MUSIC category blog posts.

  6. Added the "CATHARTIC NIGHTMARE" section to the blog categories - for continued updates on my ever nightmare of a story i've been writing for 10+ years.

  7. Cried in my sleep because owning a website costs money.

  8. Added blog sponsor logos back to the front page, and will eventually add a category for this in the blog.

  9. Added DARK STAR RADIO to the front page - In a way i'm one of their "employees" (It's not a job, it's a hobby - it's a lifestyle choice.. playing music over the internet doesn't pay xD)

  10. Added forums, added a member section, groups and now a shared gallery.

  11. Had swapped out the old chat for Tidio chat - but found it cumbersome, went out and got the old chat back. I swear you send me a DICK PICK AGAIN I AM GONNA HUNT YOU DOWN and laugh.

  12. Cried in my sleep again cause most of this costs money and i swear i'll go broke.

  13. You love me right?

  14. NO?

  15. Ugh. I thought so :D :O LOL


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So I guess this is new to anyone who didn't know - But you CAN Sign up to use this site kind of like a social website. I don't expect a ton of people to, but if you're interested here's some stuff yo