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Discontinuing products in the clothing shop on this current website:

Anything with the Album cover "CHASING YOU"

- Over the next month or two I am going to be in talks with Amuse IO about changing the release artwork, if anything I may even PULL chasing you off the store and remix it.

- There was a call to streamline the artwork, and I didn't have proper permission per se to use the photograph within the specs of the album cover for profit or otherwise.

- The original photograph was not high resolution, and I am trying to streamline all artwork.

- And last but not least, due to some real-life issues, I honestly don't feel comfortable using that artwork anymore. It's an avatar of an individual that was previously close friends - and due to the nature of falling out, it isn't fair on them to have their face commercially splat everywhere my music is sold.

- Also, the song REALLY needs a re-mix, remaster, and everything - I need to fix some of the off-beat parts to the lyrics, and that may take me a while.

I am not writing a big post here about what happened, I've since deleted the original ones from the first couple of times I fell out with the individual. All I can say is I wish them well, I wish them much success, and may happiness prevail eventually. The incident was more so an eventual growth apart and well things happen.


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