Scams & Scammers - WARNING!!

Disclaimer: As a tech nerd I have not looked up what this truly does, I am copying the information from a specified discord server. I am going to find a way to learn more about this issue and edit this post SOON!

DO NOT JOIN THIS OR CLICK A LINK GOING AROUND SL THAT LOOKS LIKE THE BELOW!!!! I AM SHARING TO INFORM EVERYONE!!! DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!!! Copied this from Verinne Ansar. Be aware of this please!!!! DO NOT JOIN THIS OR CLICK THIS. This guy is trying to scam you. 100% do not touch it. Do not. You put yourself at risk. Not just your SL account info, it will try to remotely access you. Just, don't. Report it. Report him. Block him. Boy bye. the link is (broken on purpose) sl-social (dot) DDNS (dot) net. DDNS allows remote access. Just don't. Please share if you can. DO NOT CLICK THE BITLY IN HIS TEXT.

So far I'm not finding a ton of information on what this truly does. I know that you CAN access remote access - but knowing this it could be true that he's doing it to gain info on your accounts. How much information i'm not entirely sure, so without knowing more please still be aware. Never click on links you don't understand, and please NEVER fall for these even if they may not be legit/not harm you. You'll never KNOW exactly when something like this is TRUTH OR DARE and ruin you.

As far as i'm aware this is something i'll have to get some of my high end tech nerds to ask them about it. Please BE SAFE out there.

Love, your RESIDENT TECH NERD who isn't as savvy as I thought i was... Kieran Stephens.

Edit: Here's some baseline info I was just noticing from another website:

"Dynamic DNS does not secure your connection, or make it inherently insecure - all it does is provide a convenient mapping between a (presumably changing) IP address and host name.

It could be argued that it slightly reduces security by "leaking" information of the machine onto the wider Internet and by facilitating a MITM attack - however this risk is really minimal if taken in the broader context. The broader context is this:

Regardless of whether you use dynamic DNS or not, you will want to ensure that the data is encrypted in-flight and that both parties are authenticated to each other. Dynamic DNS does not substantively help with either of these things. It would be a mistake to open a port on your router and simply let anything which knows the IP address (or domain name) connect and suck down information. The "standard" solution to this problem would be to create a VPN and use this to bridge your remote device onto your LAN to communicate with your NAS. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach here, and you may be constrained or freed by the functionality of your NAS and/or router. (It is possible either or both devices will be able to act as a VPN server - if not, you will need to replace one of them, or get them to act as a client and get another device outside your network, and setting up a VPN from your LAN to it, as well as from your off-site computer. You might be able to get sufficiently part-way there if instead of using a VPN you can get away with SCP or SFTP (which encrypts the connection and exposes an interface), or even an HTTPS connection. (If using an HTTPS connection you need to ensure you can trust it, ie appropriate certificate and possibly client-side authentication).




Be aware also that this MAY be an open source project where the guy isn't entirely sure what he's doing. If you are the individual in question who's doing this project - this blog post is not meant to be harming you - but making people aware what DDNS can and can't do. More information may be coming out soon.

Guess you guys all MADE ME A NEW TOPIC TO BLOG ON!!!


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