Ps4 Free/Family Game Review: Racing Bros

First of all let me embed the video of the roughly half hour or more runthrough we had:

We did this more than once today but I only streamed it on twitch ONCE before putting it on my youtube.

This game has a PG or G rating i'm not sure which one but i'd assume due to the "VIOLENCE" (hahaha) it's a PG. Sony's quite strict on their rating so anything that's a car rolling or otherwise may be considered "VIOLENT".

You ever wonder how a FREE TO PLAY with no pay included game really goes? Racing in a game where there's no Depth of Field, or any sort of thing - and the graphics remind you of n64? Yea that's how this goes.

First of all there's no choice of maps, it just rolls through several "scenarios" that aren't really racing. When you're playing this with kids, it can be severely frustrating when the adults of a varied age DO NOT GET HOW THE CONTROLS WORK. Also watch out for your kids hitting the reset button more than once to suit their needs. It 's VERY easy from the main account controller to just hit the reset button from that device.

Second of all? There's no real instructions, and the UI design is really difficult to understand. When you get ready for CO-OP or other players - y'know a guide to what you're doing would be great.

Sure it's "EASY" in a way, but if you get distracted you can get stuck and don't have any way out - and the kid's gonna come get you and win the game!

Also the ease of "CHEATING" and going the other way to find someone is another hilarious factor to this. While there's fun to be had in the mishaps and the confusion - it's also frustrating when you're stuck trying to navigate a poorly designed map with no way of knowing who's on what side.

The timing is in seconds like most racing games, but it's also extremely hard to read in a maroon/red sort of font across the 2 player split screen. While it's REALLY simple in a way, it'll take a while to master the weird controls.

There's a control for backing up, speeding and cruising - but these change in a sense with maps and what other vehicles you're using on what scenario. You don't have the choice of vehicle either.

For a free to play game where you don't want to play with kids, and would rather get stoned or drunk and play a game? This would be your game. The way it's laid out seems more for bored teenagers than kids at this stage.

Don't get me wrong, it's free. But free comes at a cost, and in this case it was the six year old's hyperactivity drive and my sanity.

I'd rather pay money for a kid's racing game than this sort of thing. We sold our nintendo switch and now i'm regretting it. It wasn't mine, so i had no choice in it - but I wish we had the choice of console because there was MUCH better free content for kids on the switch than the ps4.

That being said, you're welcome to try this horror filled mess of a game with your kids and have them trying to cheat, lie and steal through a game with a physics engine that looks like it was an early 3D game from the 80s or 90s.

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