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So I'm struggling with the embed feature on Squarespace. I don't want to pay for another website. So I'm professionally adding a mini portfolio of embedded PDFs via Wix! (My professional portfolio sits on Squarespace).


This is a 2018 comic book based on the philosophy of SELF and using second life, illustrations, and real-life photography mixed together. This was done in pre-mesh body/head days (or rather I didn't know about these at the time). The content in this comic is mine, so no commercial redistribution or reselling. You may download, redistribute for free.

Flux Alteration (1)
PDF • 16.55MB

JUNK STORY - This was my graduating portfolio publication that'd created. It is in "zine" or magazine format in A5. Note that this somehow keeps DOWNLOADING versions of it to my own drive - and that you'll need to note that the content in that PDF is copyrighted. You may view, you may stare at it - but you're not allowed to claim it as your own or redistribute commercially. (Preferred no redistribution, unless it's for portfolio viewing.)

Please note the copyright and rights licensing on each of the files. Junk Story contains a small biography of my time in my degree and is not for sale. Flux Alteration is not for sale but may be freely redistributed under a CREATIVE COMMONS share-alike (no derivatives) license.