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I have just gotten my first two in-world blog sponsors. To those who aren't sure how this works, usually, you earn products to blog. You don't usually earn lindens from your blog posts for this. It's sort of a.. in return for these items you advertise them on your platform.

Kumiho/J!NX just approved me in the last day or so.

Booty's Beauty was unofficial until she slapped me a blogger's gift card and told me to put her logo on the front page.

To anyone else that may have approved me in the last week, my IM's got super capped somehow. Just flick me another message in the world or contact me via the website.

I am working through also more practice posts, so therefore I can further serve things. At the moment I'm not doing HOUSE or DECOR blogging as I'm using a linden home at the moment - and am tossing up whether or not to go back to the mainland.

Sponsored By:

Kumho - JINX



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