Music Releases!

Ok, well. You know. Christmas just came around the corner and hit me in the face. I'd signed up for AMUSE.IO - which is a platform that lets you submit your music MOSTLY FREE (there are advantages to their pro plan) to places like SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, and many others.

I am here to admit, that ONE TRACK IS NOW LIVE ON a few platforms - and I cobbled together a 12 track "ALBUM" to release on January 24th. I am no professional, but I wanted more ways for people to EASILY ACCESS my music without me shoving it in their face. I mean for a belated Christmas gift, a friend of mine without internet is getting a CD made of these like it's 1999.

Largely, I still want to support the decentralized platform Audius. Exclusives on there are GOLD to the independent community. Yet, I do want to share what isn't exclusive to the rest of the world. (Although, sadly to Audius, I Think I meant to keep Chasing You's remastered version as exclusive I stupidly mixed it up and sent it to Amuse as well.) So without FURTHER yabbering on I present:





Other platforms are still coming, and some of them I haven't been able to claim my artist profile on yet.

DREAMS OF YESTERDAY IS RELEASING ON JANUARY 24TH ON SIMILAR PLATFORMS - EXCLUDING YOUTUBE MUSIC. (I hate their platform, claiming my artist profile on there is like asking me if I've been gaming for 20 years on there.)

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