Music Release: Chasing You

Coming to Spotify and similar outlets on DECEMBER 28th you can hear the original release from November 21st HERE on Audius:

BE SURE TO WATCH THIS SPACE - There's a PARTY AT DARKSTAR'S SPEAKEASY the DAY BEFORE IT HITS STREAMING SERVICES. December 27th from 6-8 PM will deviate from the USUAL SINFUL AND NAUGHTY RUN and be an EXCLUSIVE set of only the BEST tracks by moi. (Ok this is a half-lie, I've done these sets before but I PROMISE YOU that I have two hours of better music than just JUMBLING old shit together.)

This is just announcing the RELEASE - I'll be announcing a SECOND LIFE PARTY FOR IT ASAP!

There probably WILL be merch for this track, and that's one thing that you models of these track covers WILL NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR!

Also if anyone's a designer in SL and can tell me if I'm breaking copyright if these people actually show up in your items? FYI: Alair's wearing something I'd made him in a v-tech crop, so that's covered - but I think he's wearing ears from Swallow. This is also his AKERUKA head, and I think he's wearing TRUTH hair - but I'm not aware where the wings are from that he had on in the original photo or anything else he's got on.

Listen to the newest track from my coffers of weirdness that may never get released:

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