Music Project - Your Choice (Second Life)

Heyo Models! Instead of me trying to wrangle you all in one place let me give you a quick update. In order to organize this better, I'm writing this post to you to give YOU a choice on what you want to do music-wise out of everything I've got.

This gallery shown below is an example of what I've done for covers so far, and I will do a list after what ones need re-doing and what songs I have that need covers.

This is a playlist of all of the music that i CAN FIND files to that i've ever made. There might be others that are stashed on an old computer or something.

The tracks that DO NOT NEED covers for are the following: CHASING YOU NEON DREAMS SINFUL LULLABY

Those had specific covers created out of TRUE inspiration.

You can see a sample of all the videos created here:

Some of the videos are from other channels using my music, which is entirely allowed.

If you haven't heard from me about your application by the way, please be patient i'm doing like thirty things at once. Your next step after contacting me via the orignal post is to fill out a MODEL RELEASE form - that form isn't public and you'll need to wait until i can get ahold of you.

If you have NOT contacted me yet, but have signed up via google form or joined my discord - please make me aware! I always forget.

Also, if you are seeing this and i'm aware of your existence - let me know what you want to be involved in.

There may BE A SLIGHT CHANCE of making a couple of actual music videos for these. I am not very good at storyboarding those sorts of videos, so if you or someone you know wants to volunteer to help out with that - that'd be cool!

Likely i'd like to make videos like that for Neon Dreams and a couple others.

Thank you so much for participating in a WILD and whacky adventure with me!

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