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Hello to all you who were hoping i'd have more of an update. I've been having a total rethink of everything. Yea, i get it - this is me entirely this is what i do with Second Life. But I have to think about the fact that i'm not organized and this project blew up farther than expected.

In recent times i've been noticing as I started back to blogging that there is an entire disconnect with how mesh heads and mesh bodies work. Sometimes the seams don't show and sometimes they do. Then there's the lighting, the patience of trying to get my mac to behave under strained conditions.

At the moment, i am putting the schedule on hold, and re thinking what ones I really want to do Second Life based shots for and what ones that i do not want done with second life shots.

Right now? Urban Halloween is not up for debate, I'm not even thinking of how to poise that one because it's an older track that uses entirely Garage Band loops and i'm not comfortable commercializing that one. Yes, yes I hear it now from your professional remixer friends - ALL MY STUFF USES LOOPS. Yet the legality grey area in using Apple's base package, while it says by Terms of Service that it's A OK - a lot of it sounds like super commercialized stock music.

So yea, the schedule will be shortened a bit - but it won't be moved foward. I have an extremely busy RL coming up again with babysitting a family friend's kid. This is why i've had to make it for AT LEAST the end of January if not feb.

That being said, if NOBODY is interested anymore because of the lack of time that I have to dedicate entirely to it in Second Life - you're welcome to relinquish your model release form (unless you're already featured in a track cover). In reality, I've never really PLANNED these track covers- and finding a way to plan these professionally isn't time wise - very easy. Most of the models are state side, with a few being overseas in countries that are RARELY online when i'm online.

I'm in +13 GMT during NZ's summer, and +12 GMT the rest of the year roughly. This requires some really weird planning on everyone's part and I wasn't aware of how little time i'd have into december and january.

Right now, as I say for the millionth time - If you are signed up for the MODEL RELEASE/MODEL PROJECT and want to bow out due to lack of scheduling - I urge you to do so. This is out of respect for your schedule, rather than mine! :)

I am not canning the WHOLE project, just rethinking and rejigging it. It will be as I said - AT LEAST THE END OF JANUARY if not early Feb before I can even think about starting shoots. I will be closing the forms as of now, so i don't get in anyone's fur about not contacting them. I will contact those signed up, and I will approve those based on who wants to be involved - but will point them to the differences in information since the start of the project.

Also, I am slowing down in Second Life entirely - I am not stopping my obligations with my sponsors - but I am slowing down. Second Life has way too many rushed demands, and as an autistic individual - I seem to not be able to keep up "acting like a neurotypical" In order to get things done.

And by get things done, I mean meet the demands of an ever growing customer base that wants things yesterday LOL. I've noticed the retail sector in real life isn't far off this in a way, but things are far more structured. The retail sector in Second Life is starting to become the same captialistic nightmare and hard to navigate cesspool that Real Life's retail and corporate sectors are. There's a lot of wonderful creative people, but there's also a ton of extremely disturbing drama beneath the skin of it all.

I am not leaving Second Life, but i'm limiting it to a few times a week. (This is the most i'm allowing myself, due to the fact that SL frustrates me sometimes and makes me utterly depressed when I can't focus on the goals people set around you.)

This is an amazing platform, but it has it's limitations and I do not have the mental stamina to break those limitations anymore. Real life, of course is easier to break limitations and change rules where need be in artistry and design - but Second Life is privy to all of the things the Havok system hasn't been designed to do. We're at an utterly huge limit to what we can do with the platform, and without larger changes - we're gonna be stuck in a rut.

Also, Let's quit flickr. But that's another blog post for another day.


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