MMORPG Youtube Clickbait - Why Bother?

Let me put a disclaimer in this: As a newish player to MMORPG's in general, this is my opinion. This is probably also louder than it should be for an opinion as i'm in a weird mood. I am not saying any of this to OFFEND anyone on youtube, but merely to point out some of the clickbaitey trends that are TERRIBLY ANNOYING right now.

Really honestly... It's only ONE CLICKBAIT title.

"LEAVING ____ FOR ____"

Ok, so you're unable to keep up with more than one game, cool. Do you have to like millions of other gamers - influence us all to jump from one game to another?

An easy example is the number of WoW players who then get on Youtube going "LEAVING WoW FOR FFXIV" - Ok sure, i'm a little giddy we get you to OUR darkside, but i'm a little sad this is one more elitist video about this sort of thing. It may not be a video that is intentionally elitist, but it's a trending topic that is frustratingly annoying!

Leaving ONE game for another game isn't bad. Leaving your co-players in a lurch, announcing it all over social media? While it is your prerogative and it has to do with your brand - and you wish to join this trend? It's still bloody annoying.

I've seen every single time I log into youtube, another gamer leaves say for another example "GUILD WARS 2" for "FFXIV". Please tell me that you're still going to enjoy GW2, and that you're probably just unwilling to sub to more than one game. Fair call, even if you have an income - you want to keep your money in a safe stream - and subbing to one too many games is understandable.

Even if my opinion, if i were a content creator with that sort of incoming or outgoing stature - and I were playing FFXIV like i do now, and I said "I'm leaving FFXIV for outriders.".... What sort of example am i setting for new players of FFXIV who JUST found all of my FFXIV content and then thought "Oh they're leaving because this other game is utter shit".

I am not saying by any means that ANY YOUTUBER or Twitch or otherwise content creator is in the wrong for doing clickbait videos. Sadly, it's about the only way to get around the algorithm these days. What I am just reiterating with this, is that it is TERRIBLY FRUSTRATING as a viewer, as a new gamer to watch or see these videos.

It's understandable with World Of Warcraft to a point, though i am not pointing fingers at past videos OR present ones. It's still a crazily annoying thing that is driving me up a wall right now. I love that you as a content creator, have found joy in something much more fitting for you. Meanwhile i'm over here thinking i'm expected to jump ship because I feel like i'm doing something wrong still playing the game that you just left.

Nobody, nobody - expects you to play things that you don't want to play. I am also not stating that your feelings, your money or anything are mine as a blogger to control. This is just an opinion, I suppose in a way - I should actually blame myself in this sort of post because I wildly stand on twitch and tell streamers that I left SECOND LIFE for FFXIV. Yet with that, there's actually a difference. Second Life is a virtual world, and it doesn't behave like an open world expansive MMORPG.

I left somewhere where I felt abused, used and dragged down. If that's you with the current game that you're leaving - by all means, leave. Your clickbait title isn't the end of the world, it's just an annoyance in a way to me because i feel like you as a content creator could influence things in a way that - well ... May make people uncomfortable with the game you're leaving and the new one you're joining.

I could see a game notice on youtube tomorrow from another content creator "Leaving GW2 for World of Warcraft" or "Leaving the Outriders Demo for Call of Duty Modern Warfare". It wouldn't change my opinion on how utterly frustrating as a player who looks for reviews, who looks for how these games work via youtube and other social media platforms.

Had I watched any video on youtube about HOW FFXIV works - and ran into many of these current "LEAVING FFXIV" type videos - I may have decided not to give the game a try. Again, it's your channel, it is YOUR content. In my annoyance, I have refused to watch most of these videos - because i'm well not just annoyed but terribly bored of the same topic. So when your video is streamed, i'm just hoping that you have a disclaimer that people shouldn't just blindly follow. Because some people might get the wrong idea. With my ADHD and autism I do tend to favour people's opinions in valuable ways that others may not. So when I get high anxiety bouts from my ADHD and Autism, and people are then standing in front of me going "Don't worry about it, it's just their opinion" - I have already worried about it, i've already wondered if I chose the wrong game. I've already felt like, because I trust - and I value the content creators that i'm watching - that in this sort of instance I could have (as an example, not truth here) - left or picked the wrong game. You as a content creator aren't at fault for my anxiety, my ADHD, my autism - nor are you responsible for my reactions.

I just wanted to voice right now that we need to find a WAY better system for titling out videos to get around Youtube's stupid system. I feel like it's a broken system, and you having to as content creators (again i'm just saying "you" in general I literally have nobody in mind and am not talking behind anyone's back) - shouldn't have to write clickbait like this to gain views.

I understand that SADLY YOU DO - and it isn't invalid, depsite my annoyance - it's a valid as all hell process, because it's a replicating issue with text blogs. We have to fight the SEO process, and like social media video creators - without the SPARKLY CLICKBAIT - where are our views?

That's right, we don't get any because the search engines, youtube and otherwise won't show us if we don't go overboard.

So next time you're writing your next video, just have a bit of care in how you title it - and make sure you're looking out for your subscriber base. Nobody expects perfection, and I am certainly holding out hope we could all change the clickbait culture - but maybe not today OR tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my HORRIBLE mood, and my bad rant. This is a rarity for me and I just had to voice my opinion as a newer MMORPG player. We need to be more aware of things in my OPINION lol - none of what I say in this is a rule, none of what is written is the rule book. Opinion doesn't denote that Clickbait being bad is fact - because it's not entirely the whole picture. You're fighting computers to get your content seen, I understand - I'm just asking for a better future in content creation by having this opinion!

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