Lelutka Skyler Boundless + Legacy Body Review (Second Life)

You'll have to excuse me a minor bit - I'm cooking dinner in between making this post. Then got distracted talking into a huge lengthy discussion about race and culture on a gaming forum (second life). While this is a post about Second Life, it's not a politically charged post - no, I'm saving those for later!


Much apologies to my two fashion sponsors, I'll be back to posting more in the new year. Things get a bit hectic during the holidays with reality and real life, it's not something I can avoid easily.

There will be NO updates to Flickr with any posts from here on in, and there will be a new post soon explaining why with some topical responses in and out of discord and other places. Also, to you idiots out there spamming my website box with DICK PICKS - can you get a life and at least show me the face that goes with your more than likely diseased brainiac ideas? There's no use in sharing your DICK if I can't see your face! I mean I'm not going to CHAT SEX WITH YOU OVER MY WIX CHAT because that's literally so 1998. Anyways. The story behind today's post is kinda funny. My mother still enjoys the bit of No Devil machines in SL - no issues there, a wee game or two and she then checks up on a few people and then goes back to FFXIV. Well, like most people adept at these sorts of things - once in a great while windfall drops - and you've hit a small jackpot. I've had little RL and SL funds to use for updating either avatar and was struggling with customizing both Lelutka Skyler and Alain to my requirements with what little I had to use for funds. She wins 40K lindens or so - drops me a small amount and voila - WE HAVE A BLOG POST!

So I guess you could say my mother playing No Devil once in a great while sponsored this post. Because I have no sponsors for my male avatar as of yet LOL.


Items Purchased Today: LEGACY MALE BODY (On Sale for 2500 Lindens) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meshbody/189/123/2003 HEAD (Owned but reviewing today as i got the update) - LELUTKA SKYLER 2.5 BOUNDLESS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLutka/128/128/40 NOT FOUND - SKIN DARIO - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shiny%20Shabby/140/127/21 / http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountains%20of%20Spirit/195/84/26 Eyes - (Marketplace link) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/euphoric-Enigma-Eyes-Applier-LelutkaPackAmazon/14762767 Ears - PUMEC http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rave/124/130/22 (These I believe are one of the group gifts, and the group is 399 L to join - which is worth it for how many are free!!) Hair - EXILE STAY AT HOME KNOX GIFT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/125/106/45 (worn in first shots is relentless wild fusion) Clothing: First shots - Legacy Premium clothing gift http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meshbody/189/123/2003 , plus Rebellion Boots http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Town%20Center/49/20/48 Better shots: L&B SWEAR (Scout Armored Jacket) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evocative/128/128/29

So as always, I've had 10 different shapes laying around and none of them work for boundless. Now with playing around the new boundless heads that were our Christmas goodies - (Alain and Lilly) I'm fairly certain once I get back on my Tokyo Enyo avatar I can fix that one too.

Here you can see a little bit of the HUD update - If you've already unpacked Alain or Lilly, it's the same HUD. For you updaters - I'm preaching to the Choir. It's a shock to the system, but compared to the CATWA HD PRO hud - this is a dream.

I previously was wearing a skin for Skyler that was by the creative genius named POEMA. If you're up for a more rugged, mature-ish but not too old of a look? Kikyo is a good skin to use. This however is from NOT FOUND, and it's featured at the SHINY SHABBY event. One of the larger differences between ALAIN and SKYLER? A longer face, less of an extreme squared-off jaw. Alain is a wonderful head, and if it weren't for the jaw - and maybe the widdle dent in the chin? It'd be my new main, it's a personal pref, not a stain on Lelutka's quality.

Yea, so I never EVER play with the beards for some reason. I did on another avatar that I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ALAIN FOR but sometimes - sadly Second Life can cause and help create a huge storm of depressive moods for me. A lot of it's the culture that still exists, and it can get quite toxic when demands are placed on people. As someone who's neurodivergent, it's extremely hard when you LOOK AND SOUND like you're neurotypical (normal). Because the demands are almost higher in some ways. Anyway, this is where I start to have facial blindness and go "WAIT DO I LOOK LIKE MY FRIEND WARU IN THIS" - alas, no I'm just thinking how I haven't gone through hormones yet so I don't know what I'd look like with a beard. Well, ok I lie - I've painted one on my photo before, I've done the whole FACE APP thing - some nerd in china has all my facial features from me not taping my webcam off.


Back to NORMAL! (the between was the shot you saw at the beginning of the post lol.)

CRISIS OF EYES! - Because this avatar is from 2017 - one of the defaults was a VAMPIRE named Dmitri. The eyes are from that kit. You can see that SL started taking a ton more care in their defaults, instead of RUTH and ROTH as we once had. SO beyond this, I lacked the care and thought to take photos of my shopping trips after this - I was in my own world listening to music and watching my mother complete one last quest to get to Level 80 in FFXIV. Please note, I'm not THAT smart - I'm only at around level 70 for my machinist, and my mother's been gunning her White Mage since all the extra job classes confused her for the longest time. They don't now, and she's trying to decide now what to play besides White Mage to better serve the XP farm that is Shadowbringers.

The pose is from Fox City (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FOXCITY/179/71/21) . Hair is KNOX from EXILE. Location: BACKDROP CITY LAUNDROMAT SCENES! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Backdrop%20City/135/181/22 Ears are from PUMEC, body is by LEGACY - the outfit is by LEGACY (bar the shoes unseen).

One thing I didn't think of was that originally I wanted to buy the Signature Geralt body. I'm not a sucker for BEEFCAKE - and while you'll note that there are entirely HUGE BEEFCAKE avatars - I lump the main mesh body types for men into the same category. There's Chris Hemsworth when he's not playing Thor, and then there's THOR. I PREFER more the Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki level ripped - you still enjoy Hot Dogs, Chilli Cheese and passing gas in the confessional on sundays. (Please note, i'm not catholic, but my mother was - and several of my friends are - don't murder me for immature religious comments.)

The jacket? That's from L&B Swear - it's the bomber jacket that cost me a ton cause I wanted it more than anything else. I know that in RL I'm almost 40 in like two years I hit 40. I DO NOT LOOK MY AGE in real life, I've always had about a 5-10 year difference (younger wise) vs my actual age. This is mostly in the face, and it's always been a strange thing. So this update? It's because I got bored of looking 45 and hip, and cool - and wanted to look more 20s/30s. Don't get me wrong the POEMA skin I bought back in June is great! Except I really don't like looking like Bono from U2 - the resemblance starts and ends at that he's Irish and I've got Irish heritage.

I like to think this is also my strange HOMAGE *insert stuffy academic version of that word here* - to Yungblud. While it MOSTLY references me, and my mom's side of the family is not just like in general me from both sides? I think the hair is entirely on point and I forgot entirely that this hair existed. I kept picking up that fluffy one that you could do ALL PINK WITH - but this one you can do RED and black and a lot of it looks like his hair. If mine was this long in RL? I'd be putting it up in a pony tail on top to get it out of my face.

My daddy put a gun to my head
Said "if you kiss a boy I'm gonna shoot you dead"
So I tied him up with gaffa tape
And I locked him in a shed
Then I went out to the garden
And I f*cked my best friend!!!

Ahh... and no that's not me going "Ahhh i... erf that smelled" face - that's the relief that I've done well with my money. But seriously, the body is not beefy, and it's actually good. It fits most of the JAKE/Belleza sized clothes with a bit of the alpha tab tinkering. This is because I'm a nerd and I forgot that there's a growing lot for Legacy male bodies - but that they're relatively new and still have a trend to catch up with.

The guyliner not shown can be found here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/40543

Overall? Every single piece I picked up today and wore in this photo is amazing. There was more to unpack and wear, but I was on a limited time frame due to cooking dinner and then having to babysit my furball siblings (mom's dogs).

I'm not sponsored by any of this.

So if you want me to continue on in my journey of yapping, blogging, arting, farting, music-making, and designing? Hit the shop tab above, and pick up some merch!

BACKDROP CITY IS LOCATED HERE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Backdrop%20City/135/181/22

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