Lelutka Lilly Head Review + 10L Gift!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

If you haven't read the blog post about how to get the ALAIN and lily heads please go here: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/featured-post-lelutka-gift-heads

ALAIN REVIEW: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/lelutka-alain-review-gift-head


Now. Just because I shut my fashion shop down does NOT mean I can't at least help you Lelutka nerds out by doing a gift. It's 10L yes, but for the hell, we all went through to get into the sim to get a head for it? 10L is a minuscule amount. BUT FIRST? Yes, the review on how much HELL I had (not) playing with the new boundless format. (Please note, I avoided it previously like the UTTER PLAGUE on erin becuse it confused me.)

This is the first shot close up, shoulders up - I opted not to show the body because the shape is modifiable but not transferable. I'm working on a boudless Erin verison, because that's where i'd started from to get to here. The body is BASED on maitreya for the shape, and is a semi tomboy-androgynous shape. There is plenty of chest - plenty of ass still lol.

Side view, now - note there is HARDLY ANY editing here and i've opted to use CALWL as my windlight. I'm listing the style card below along with slurls on how to get the objects in the photos.

Next view, this is when I started to take the makeup OFF - I'd taken the photos backwards actually - So this is technically #2. Here i'm wearing BOOTY'S BEAUTY (ha ha it's a SPONSORED POST ON TOP OF A LELUTKA REVIEW! MADE YOU LOOK!!!!) - Diamond Lashes. It's an HD APPLIED FOR EVOLUTION HEADS.

I am also forgetting that i'm wearing BAKES ON MESH eyes (ok i wore the lelutka eyes on top of that and turned on BOM so sue me.) - These are BOOTY'S BEAUTY GLITTER eyes. I'm not sure where they are in the store, but i'd gotten these as a gift ages ago when she first released them.


Hair: Perky - Bubble Goth by Olive (it's one of the gachas on the wall)


Skin: YS&YS Angela (I used the applier this time, but i normally wear the bakes on mesh) tone 00 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feel%20Beautiful/110/147/502

Some of the photos on the blog used the following makeup:

Booty's Beauty:



Gazer HD eyehsadow

Diamond Lashes

Autumn Lips Pallete S1

If i were using bakes on mesh i would be wearing KUMIHO/J!NX beauty marks.

Normally i do wear bakes on mesh but i'm trying to do a variety of options!

For THAT sponsor's links please visit the blog about the beauty marks HERE: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/sponsored-post-kuhmio-j-nx-beauty-marks

Before I get to the GIFT that's about 10L from me? Let me just talk you through the changes in boundless in 2.5 updates to all the heads.

I natively wear ERIN. I haven't updated my base shape for that yet, as boundless scared the utter shit out of me. I natively wear SKYLER on my other avatar, and haven't even gotten the 2.0 update because i forgot.

Boundless is a change to the structure of the BONES and the way the SLIDERS in second life work with your shape and the mesh of the head. The rigging is more fluid and overall is meant to be more natural-looking. When you get the BOUNDLESS update - you will get an OLD and a new head *NOT FOR ALAIN OR LILLY* - and you'll be able to use the 2.0 version or the boundless 2.5 version.

Honestly, this is a little different then Erin. It's dainty, but it's also not super over feminized that you can't get a certain look with it. It's got a european flair, where as my mother in RL/SL now wears Catwa Majer HDPRo with Amara Beauty as her skin. (Thanks for Booty's Beauty for giving her that mini makeover!)

If you're up for a look that can cross into many ways - still appeal to those who are into the thicker lips like Genus - this free head is awesome. Warning though, if you don't get there by Dec 26th - you'll pay full price for it.

Coming Soon: ALAIN REVIEW - this is gonna take me a while as i have to build a shape around it - and I will make another 10L gift in the offices for this.

NOW! you want the shape to play with for only 10L? why is it costing you? I have up keep, and I've spent time making the head work. Really honestly, the only reason it's not free is just that i'm broke - xD Dj'ing doesn't make a ton - and you'd be feeding my blogging habit.

I don't do custom shapes, but the person who HELPED ME MAKE THE BODY for the shape (er the body shape itself not the head style) - might still do. If you put in a request i'll pass it on.

For 10$ L you get the contents of the box which is the shape, style card and LM to the office - plus a blog office kiosk.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/186/117/24 < -- Location of the office. (HAHAHHA. Yes, it's the old MAINLAND SIM OF THE BEEHIVE EVENT - I was hawking for mainland and i found a plot cheap enough lmao.)


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