Lelutka Alain Review (GIFT HEAD)

If you're looking for the GIFT HEAD DETAILS go here: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/featured-post-lelutka-gift-heads

If you're looking for the LILLY REVIEW plus my 10L Gift go here: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/lelutka-lilly-head-review-10l-gift

Disclaimer: I wear Belleza Jake. Making that neck seam go away seems to be the bain of my existence. I am considering getting a different body type so please let me know in the comments or otherwise what you think i should do besides jump off a bridge lol.

Also: The what is worn and what isn't WILL BE in the bottom of this post. This will include the location I took photos at (my work, i'm a DJ at Darkstar's Speakasy lol). No sponsored looks are included on here because I don't have official sponsors for that avatar.

Apart from the free head, everything else i'm wearing will be linked with the rough cost in marketplace.

There's this game I play with different mesh creators: WHO INSPIRED YOU TO MAKE THIS ITEM. Come to think of it I'm probably way wrong on this one but here's my base guess on this one:

Yes, i'd put the shape and eyebrows on that were given to me by the Lelutka Team when i unpacked the gift head after getting in and getting it. That's my guess and i'm probably wrong. SO SHOOT ME in the stack! (tee hee.)

Below is a basic screenshot of the HUD layout. It's been updated since the 2.0 update and I believe the 1.2 EVO heads and 2.0 update share the same colors and style in the hud.

Coming from a UI design perspective - this is quite sleek. It's not far off the original 2.0 style - and it's intuitive and easy to find most things if you're used to the Lelutka huds. (Please note, these are screenshots straight from my avatar, I have not ripped anything from Lelutka.) Ease of use is part in parcel to the whole Evolution line in general. Considering this is a head that is A GIFT for now and paid later - they've done themselves well. Fully featured, and the boundless update is quite nice.

Here you can see me trying to mold it to mesh with my Skyler head. I haven't decided entirely what I feel - part of my problem is using KIKO skin by POEMA - It ages me more than I actually am and look in the reality we call FIRST LIFE lol. The stealthic hair looks better on the Skyler head so far than the Alain head.

I didn't name nor organize my first set of testing with the shape editing and the hud testing - so I apologize they're a little out of order until I started testing some of the low cost items i bought.

You can see i'm not sure about things mainly because the chin throws me off wildly. It's a GREAT MESH, don't get me wrong it'll just take a while for me to stop panicking at it. Unlike Tokyo (my female avatar) - it's easier on that one to mesh into something new because it's not my main head, i'll get used to going back to my usual. On this avatar, I got alain specifically for two reasons: Blogging, and testing the waters to see if it's going to by my next main head.

The ONLY editing on these is the CAMERA RAW filter for clarity.

You get some interseting makeup options on the eye tatoo layers in the HUD. HD makeup for men is quite advanced, and even gives you the good MCR laden eyeliner look. (I'm not OK... i'm not OOOKKAAAAAAYYYYYY *breathes,* YOU WEAAAAR MEEE OUUUTTTTTTTTTT *hyperventilates* WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY - MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY - TO JOIN THE BLACK PARAAADEEEEEEEEEEEE - sometimes i get the feeling she's -- ok i'll shut up now lol.) - Overall it's a great starter before you find EVO level huds that can expand your look.


Photographing in the middle of changing lip styles - never a good idea when you're on high graphics.

Guy Lashes!

I sometimes have to admit i'm a tiny wee bit self-face blind lol. I'm PISS POOR at getting my own face to work in SL. My female avatar, my nose tips way too high and looks like plastic surgery gone wrong in second life. For starlord (my male av) ? My nose works fine, it's just getting that balance. (For the review of the eyes in this photo please see below)

I do not have a "butt" chin in real life, so having one in second life sort of .. I guess Nobody in my family has one so i'm not used to them? LOL. I'm aware they exist, i'm aware some people find them extremely sexy. I'm also aware that they are natural. I don't have one, so it's weird having one in second life!

Ok so the next section of the overview/review is also a combination review of some clothing I found and some eyes that i found. The eyes work fine with Evo heads. Be aware that if you're not using bakes on mesh, and the omega script isn't working - you're using something made for the older line of heads.

RAVE MooN * KRJP * T-SHIRT-8 - Signature,Belleza, Slink, Legacy

(These photos don't have the eyes that I used in a previous photo so i'll link that in the full break down below)

I'm not sure if they use full perm mesh or make their own mesh. Whatever they use it fit like a glove.

You'll note that i didn't swap hair (OR FINISH MY REVIEW OF THE HEAD) until a while into it. I love stealthic's hair, but i'm not normal enough to use it LOL. I get in trouble wearing my Exile relentless hair because people think PINK is an outdated color - yadda yadda yadda. I care less and less the more i slink back into wanting to just be me instead of conforming. This isn't a knock on those that were complaining about me - that's already been covered in previous posts about what i've been up to.

This is mostly a KOREAN and Kpop/Japanese inspired set and it's quite good. Yes my belt/pants are clipping a bit, but that's normal and has nothing to do with the mesh or design.

I'm powered by not bubble tea OR kpop, but it's a cute tank top for those into kpop!

Side views when i changed to the EXILE RELENTLESS WILD FUSION mix hair.

The dent in the chin? Still gonna bug me, but i'm weird.

Stealthic hair before I swapped to exile. L&B Swear Pants and i don't remember what the boots are but i'll check. (I mostly shop on MP for that avatar)

Here's the HUD for that tank top, you're paying 99L for that many shirts. I was going to get into doing huds when I was making shirts but I felt like I was boxed in by how much was being told to me when. I was afraid of doing it in the sense that someone would steal my textures (i'm sure someone already has lmao) - and then I just used to get too stressed and felt like i wasn't keeping up.

Final thoughts about Alain: It's a QUALITY HEAD worth the normal price you'd pay for ANY head in the evolution line. Like it's female counterpart, Lilly - it was a nightmare in the 2 days to get in before it finally settled. These heads are only available as a GROUP GIFT UNTIL DECEMBER 26th! The skin, the HD items in the HUD and everything between are just A+. I'm also a lelutka freak of a nature and I adore what they do. Say if anyone from Lelutka reads this, can you confirm HOW EXACTLY WRONG I WAS ON MY GUESS ON WHO WAS THE ORIGINAL MODEL? XD

If anyone's still using a TP HUD/TP HAMMER i'm gonna TP HAMMER into your house and point at you until you stop using it LOL. Let people get into these events naturally. I know i mistakenly have picked one up and used it - but I realized soon enough how they can do some damage. These huds are not AGAINST ToS nor are they scripted to be a griefing tool, the reason people made these were because sims gets full!


HEAD: LELUTKA ALAIN GIFT (See links above for the post on how to get this gift)

Body: BELLEZA JAKE (Not linking, i don't have a slurl, sorry.)

Body Skin: POEMA (I have Poema for the Skyler head but the skin i bought isn't on the MP anymore https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/154903 )

Eyes: 90% of the psot - Lelutka HD eyes, 1-2 photos have the MISCHA gift found HERE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ZORA-MISCHA-EYES-Lelutka-Applier-GIFT/13139069

Hoodie: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/227426 <-- Demon Hoodie seen at MIIX by HOFFA

Tank: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RAVE-MooN-KRJP-T-SHIRT-8-SignatureBelleza-Slink-Legacy/20661447 (I bought another set but didn't wear it)

Pants: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LB-Mens-Leather-Pants-Havoc-Fatpack-Jake-Geralt-Gianni-Slink/18588480

Hair: 1. Stealthic Haunting ( HERE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stealthic-Haunting-BW/13315762 ) 2. EXILE - RELENTLESS WILD MIX (HERE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Exile-Relentless-Wild-Fusion/14078603 )

Makeup: Izzy's Guyliner https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-Guyliner-Set-Catwa-LeLutka/16783518

How to make non BOM play ball: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Apricot-Paws-Bakes-on-Mesh-Omega-Applier/17969534

Boots: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/REBELLION-BONECRUSHER-BOOTS-Signature-Gianni-Geralt-Belleza-Jake/19634055

If you're looking for the GIFT HEAD DETAILS go here: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/featured-post-lelutka-gift-heads

If you're looking for the LILLY REVIEW plus my 10L Gift go here: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/lelutka-lilly-head-review-10l-gift

NEED YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE PROMOTED: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/december-promotion-sign-up SIGN UP THERE!

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