Is There Life On Mars? (Editing & Fashion Practice 3)

Before I go into the details of this weirdly edited ensemble. (I'm telling you I have to earn some L$ sooner or later here - I'm running out of outfits to blog LOL. I can't keep blogging the same thing over and over again, and I refuse to blog my own creations that I don't sell anymore.) Before all that, I wanted to share Yungblud's new video that is an imperative, very important view into the youth culture and allyship of today.

One of the fans commented in the youtube post about it speaking to what the video is inspired by and about.

" "mars” is inspired by the story of a transgender fan that YUNGBLUD met. Their parents weren’t accepting of their gender, but with the impact and support of the community, their parents started to accept her as their daughter after experiencing one of his live shows. "

We're in 2020. Despite this pandemic, we should be far more FUCKING accepting of each other. Allyship is a strong thing, and while some communities want to leap out and lash at their allies because nobody's perfect - it's important to note we are imperfect because we need to keep learning. This kid is under 25, and singing shit that those of us over 25, over 35 never really dreamed about. There are other less popular but still creatively brilliant artists that are breaking limits, boundaries - but in popular media they're allowing someone to be THIS LOUD?

We need to be there, we need to help. We can't protect everyone, and we can't be over protective for fear we'll make it worse. We NEED however to fight harder and stronger for laws that protect people. Equality fucking matters. Black Lives and Black TRANS LIVES Matter. While it matters that EVERYONE Matters lest we not forget that we're also still fighting for racial injustice on top of all of this pandemic, and gender equality.

We're not fighting for idiot cis guys who think it's GOD LIKE for their cricket team to enjoy freedom of spreading covid all around christchurch. I'm aware that Pakistan is an important team in the international cricket realm, but I dont' think for one second New Zealand that we're treating like a club team. They're here in managed isolation, and they've had 7 members test positive for covid WHILE BREAKING THE RULES. There's a difference between how racial injustice goes, and how egotisitcal weirdos in sport get. Even the cricket teams of West Indies and New zealand both knelt for black lives matter. Sadly all of twitter was in a storm about how SPORT ISNT POLITICAL.

White people just suck somedays. And i'm one of them. xD

Anyways you got my usual rant about something in-between fashion posting so here's my LAME ATTEMPT AT EVERYTHING!

Screenshot of everything worn (I think)

Before I list the marketplace and SLURLS let me warn you - Gothicatz probably doesn't' exist anymore. The items worn there I bought WELL Over ten years ago before mesh was even a thing. The shape isn't for sale anywhere, but any shapes that are labelled KSD on my blog you can request to purchase. AX Guys Bento is ORACUL - and It looks like i'm wearing two heads but i'm wearing a brow base from one and the head from another one. Misfit and Corvus i'm not sure exist still but i'll try and find the slurls anyways if not the marketplace links.

I'm almost getting tired of listing my skin because it's on every blog post now LOL.

Yes, indeed i'm wearing three things from olive. I think the cat ear gacha - the hair might've been a different pull. So all i got was bunny and cat ears, but that's OK with me they look really cute with the hair I'm wearing.

The shirt? Probably an older mesh, because it's classic fit - and I had to smudge out clipping / body fat lol.

The choker? Probably likely old mesh or not even mesh, i'm not even sure where I got that from or when - I know what it says but I forgot i even had it.

Ah, and I forgot to expand the folders to show EXACTLY what was worn - So incoming more screenshots!

That's the makeup you keep seeing on most of my usual punk-weird-kawaii sort of look. I'm aware I dont know if it's still available, but the marketplace link will be on this blog post below somewhere.

I lied. I'm wearing the teeth from the original Lelutka head i bought, and then the updates are the head. Bento AO of course is Oracul.

When you see me list this skin, I forget always to tell you that it also includes BAKES ON mesh additions such as makeup. It's not a LOT of makeup it's just simple additions such as blush, freckles or moles.

All of these I just picked up in Olive's Black Friday sale - which I wish I still had more lindens for. LOL if you wanna donate lindens to my ass LET ME KNOW! I dj once a week at Darkstar's and I could use the tips! xD

Expanded list of items worn, I changed eyes after I'd taken the original screenshot. NORMALLY i'm sporting Booty's Beauty - but I had more artistic eyes from S0NG from a while back. I don't remember if they're still in the shop or not but they're an amazing shop.

You can also see that it's the AUGUST group gift for Pumec, they have about a 300L group sign up fee - but you're getting like 2000L or more worth of free gifts to start with plus every time they have a new gift.

Cureless has a bunch of Sailor Moon themed fan art tattoos, and clothing so you'll really need to check them out if you're a geek like me.

Corvus has been around FOR YONKS, and they may still be on MP - but i'm telling you that shirt's probably five years old.

Lelutka HAS had a major overhaul update with their 2.5 heads. Do not ask me how i'm rolling with boundless, I need my baby sister in SL to help me fix my shapes on that one LOL. Usually with the shapes i'm bad at doing bodies, and i'm OK at doing the heads so Bean and i work together. YAY BEAN!

Boundless, I need to do a full overhaul blog on it to explain my views on it plus explain WHY creatively and technologically it's important. That won't do in this post alone, and it'll take me a while to compose it because I want to get all my shapes updated for boundless before I do that. ALRIGHT! Onto the links!

Hair/Hair Accessories: (check their in-world store it may not be the same listed on MP - she's recently moved.)

Eyes: Makeup: *YS&YS* Make-Up 02 Cat - BOM (Lelutka) *YS&YS* Tone 00 Freckles 01 - BOM (Lelutka)

*YS&YS* Tone 00 Moles - BOM (Lelutka)

~Blacklace Beauty~ Mismatch Shadows Candy/Apple Skin: *YS&YS* Angela T00 Black Brows - BOM (Lelutka+Maitreya) Accessories: <-- May not exist anymore. (not shown) Pants: Krankhaus Devilish Schoolboy Pants - (Vtech/Maitreya) (not shown) Boots: (Bought at a So Kawaii Sunday Sale)

Tattoo: Mesh Ears: Mesh Head: Lelutka Erin (i'm not linking mesh bodies or heads it's too hard to get slurls for these at night time, i'll have a chance later on when i do a better post to have a SLURL list ready for these) Mesh Body: Maitreya 5.2

AO: Oracul (slurl coming later) Bakes on Mesh Items (if available): - There's a HIGH CHANCE you can still order what i've worn, xD they're two different outfits but i don't even remember anymore. I dont even know if they're doing mesh now or if their sim still works!!

I keep saying i'm gonna grab slurls but it's BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND and i'm struggling to keep up with full sims!

Don't forget to check and see what's still on sale via the BLACK FRIDAY Compendium: SEE YOU LATER!!!