Full Metal ... X... WHAT?

So I wasn't sure I was going to do almost three nights in a row blogging but I figured I'd pull my video game chat post before it flew out the cuckoo's nest. If you've known me for a while you know that I adore gaming systems, and I own practically none. Not only that but monetarily most games are out of my reach.

Queue in that everyone's been telling me about FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14) for the last I don't know - 5 years? One friend in particular is protective about my mental sanity and tries to prevent me from seeking one too many MMORPG's depending on the attitude of the players. I must ask him sometimes if this was one of those... Because there's this disconnect of World of Warcraft vs FFXIV players in a worldwide MMO pissing contest on who's better and what game engine is better.

If you want to get down to the brass tax of what an MMORPG kinda is - I suppose you could call ANY VIRTUAL WORLD A FREAKING MMORPG. Yes, I'm being very CASUAL and loud about this one. Some may say the HAVOC (Havok?) engine [Queue: Linden Labs uses this for Second Life, and a few thousand other games are using it - just look it up, you'll thank me for that random bit of trivia later on.] - and some may say the UNREAL engine is the best.

God forbid you to come out and say the CRYSTAL engine! (Or whatever Square Enix calls it - you might as well call in the hardcore Visual Kei nerds and call it "The Hard On For Gackt" engine - because I can just hear those geeks now.)

... Sad to admit it, I'm actually one of those freaks and geeks. That's another entire post for another entire day and trust me - I WILL return to my duty of converting Second Life to visual kei and Japanese rock people eventually. (Queue in evil laughter from someone who's not usually as evil as their star sign thinks they are.)

I have succumbed to the virtual devil.

Yes, it's not just the kittens that are the devil in this game. It's the fact that before you even think about buying the base game - You're free to roam until level 60. The only things you're limited by are certain advanced features like friendships, free companies, and the tell functions. Most of that can be circumvented by a paid subscribed or a base game user within their first 30 days friending you or adding you to a party.

Sneak peek at some of the group pose and other screenshots I've been doing in the slideshow. I'm not spending time putting 30+ screenshots single each time in a paragraph. Hell no, i'm not that stupid.

Recently I bought into the base game, and I've gotten involved with a "GUILD" or Free Company. I'm the Marine in the PATTING ZOO. Ragnarok is it's main server but our fearless leader saved up the coin to come onto goblin and snatch my mother and I from helpless and hapless wonder (trust me, I was level like 13 trying to do tam tara deepcroft LOL). We're small on the goblin, and we're getting there... Two of the members abhor main sequences cut scenes.

SPOILER ALERT: Besides people dying as most joke spoiler alerts say, there are WHINERS AND DINERS In the storyline. If you cant handle it, just hit the escape button - or whatever button on your Ps4 or game console that allows you to shut people up. Failing that, yeet your console out the window LOL.

Overall, it's something that has sparked enough joy for me to cancel several subscriptions so i can save money monthly (ON MY CAR INSURANCE BY SWITCHING TO GEICO - Sorry, expat American here that's what rolls in my brain every single time LOL) - and subscribe to the game.

Sadly i don't have any other games I play that much, I quit Pokemon Go - that was simple. I had to change my email because of security reasons, and my new phone wouldn't let me play on my old email. I shrugged at any of the addict-riddled "EXCELLENT THROW" demons around the neighborhood and household and said, "Welp I can't afford this game anymore, so i'm not going to play it".

But seriously. What does spark joy these days for a kid born in 1983, that feels like everyone assumes i'm Gen X, thinks i act like i'm Gen Z - but in reality i'm just tier one Millenial with that side of snark. So i'll tell you what, BUFF SANTA BRINGS MY MOTHER JOY! (Cid, the buff santa...lives in his ship... with a whiney teenager by his side - this game will always play!! XD)

But yea, this game is hilariously fun at times, and you enjoy getting on riffing the squishy tank and the asshole tank and the idiot healers and the joyful healers... Next time you go in a dungeon with me PLEASE DO NOT PLAY ARCANIST. Astrologian or White Mage is totally ok in my books but ARCANISTS can't heal for crap - I could be barking mad, up the wrong tree LOL.


Enjoy the screenshots - Check out the game if you got time, i need to head to bed LOL.


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