(FFXIV) Class Based Job Stories

Now that i'm slowly slogging through Shadowbringers, I wanted to touch base on a few things that I think are interesting. These subjects of course ARE ALWAYS covered elsewhere. Thing is, nothing's ever ORIGINAL these days per se - well, original is original with inspiration or a different spin right?

I haven't finished all the jobs you can get - so don't take my word on everything. As of this writing i'm level 73-74 on my main THREE job sets. So machinist, bard and Samurai. I started as white mage, got absolutely stressed out and stopped at level 60. This is because you level up REALLY fast on the road to 70 - and well the free trial is capped at level 60!

Out of all the jobs i've been playing, wether finished or not - this is a list of the ones I'm finding quite interesting. These are the ones i've found interesting, that i've been playing - wether or not i've finished them. Yes, i've left white mage out because that class is - well, i'm not good as a healer right now! I'm not hating on white mage, you guys are freaking amazeballs!!

Since this is opinion based, there won't be links to other sites, or reference points.

Also: Spoilers ahead if you have YET to reach Shadowbringers.


Once you get into the Heavensward storyline with Guydelot and Samson - after you finish your ARR bard quests... Things get spicy. I don't mean sexual tension spicy (if you take it that way, go right ahead LOL). I mean, that frankly - Bard is one of THE MOST PRETENTIOUS CLASSES YOU CAN PLAY quest wise.

Guydelot although quite interesting overall, has a bit of a cocky side to him - so you roll through your quests either missing the jokes, laughing at them... Or well, wanting to stab Guydelot in the throat with an arrow. He ends up taking a liking to both you and Samson throughout the quests into Stormblood - and well you end up finding some major corruption in the history of Bard/Archery.

Weird how earlier on in the game you get a bow that looks like it's out of the Azim Steppe - well, ok i bought it when i wasn't meant to (i kept getting told to just wait it out for level 50 and take what gear was given to me in quests lol). I miss that bow, i'll have to find it again for glam reasons.

Anyways, literally - the whole thing ends up a corruption scandal and a half. Of course, i haven't figure out if we do QUESTS for our jobs in Shadowbringers until i remember we're not really "IN EORZEA" for most of Shadowbringers.


I swear the Elezen are gay. I'm not saying ALL are, but your race does seem to have a bit of a flamboyant hitch to it. Stephinaven who oddly looks like he came out of a 1990s Visual Kei band and was maybe related to Haurchefant (rip). He's not related to Haurchefant sadly (RIP) - but uh, he looks like he could be.

You get to know more about the history of Ishgard through this storyline, I mean sure it doesn't beat out the likes of the Goth-ness supreme of Dark Knight... But it gives it a good run for it's money. Out of all the "not so hot class stories" (as a lot of the ones that start at like level 50 and above, have interesting stories, don't have as much beef to them as the other classes do.) - Machinist gives a good punch.

You learn about the intracacies of who's related to who in the BRUME, and it also takes you through the connections of the Ishgard restoration in a way. (I MISS YOU DIADEM COME BACK TO ME YOU GUYS ARE BONKERS)

Also the later on point where you get BIO BLAST and FLAMETHROWER - means you bet your ass i'm gonna figure out how to make idiot macros going "EXCUSE ME, I FEEL A FART COMING ON". No kidding, especially with those two.

Dark Knight

Hint: I only JUST HIT LEVEL 35. I am an ANXIOUS tank after dealing with many of those top tier wankery-types. My FC leader's a tank, not a wanker, half of us in our FC has tried tanking or are tanks - not wankers. Not everyone who plays a TANK ARE WANKERS! Just a few that tend to put their ego where their mouth is and frustrate people to no end.

This is really entirely what they mean by BEEFY. This is almost main sequence level- and the only reason i kept over clicking through half the dialogue in the last quest was because i'd recently had a cluster of anxiety seizures. I tend to slow down on the game if i know my brain's on overdrive.

Anyways, this class has some hilariously good shit to it. You're told to start finding your inner darkness. Yet the guy who's your teacher isn't teaching you out of malice. It's like this class was MEANT for shadowbringers in a way. I'm kinda sad that i'm a bit too anxious on this one - I love the idea that i could tank ty ass through SHB and be a goth emo kid.

In reality for those of us over 30? We could put the storyline down to the following sentences:



....HE SAID SON WHEN YOU GROW UP WILL YOU BE THE SAVIOUR OF THE BROKEN THE BEATEN AND THE DAMNED? And you can walk right up to him and go "No." and walk away. In all reality this class DOES have the most beefiest storyline, and certainly gets you all rustled and philosophical.



Still maybe not the best GIF, but we'll take Sougo as a good example here.

If you're a SELF PROCLAIMED geek, nerd or GASP "WEEB" - well you're gonna find Samurai a bit more fun story wise than you expected when you hit Stormblood. Hell you'll be SMACKED IN THE FEELS at the end of your Heavensward quests. If that doesn't get you, well I don't know what will.

The beef in this one isn't as thick, tender or juicy as the older classes in the game. However, it does PACK A DECENT PUNCH. The classes that start at 50 and 60 and soon to be 70+ for the new DPS and Sage jobs- HAVE reasonably good story ,they're just not as rooted due to the higher starting levels. (Sage being that it actually ties into the origin stories of Eorzea and Sharlayan history - Go watch Ethys Asher talk to Gaming Kinda - you'll like it.)

The feels bit? You get to murder your own Sensei. Yea, you uh - find you're dealing with some bad guy who did bad shit, and he asks you to kill him. Well, ok you don't actually kill him i don't - well you severely weaken him. Maybe, I don't remember it was like a month ago. My brain got rewritten over all with the stormblood quests... leave me alone! LOL.

When you start up your stormblood quests you meet Makoto, and you start getting your quests in Kugane. Yea, i'm talking to you SHINSENGUMI geeks of the internet - while they have re-written the story in a way that you can't prove who is who PER SE... I'm almost positive that Kongo = Kondou, because there's a Serizawa theme going on with one of the quests. Also i'm almost positive in a way Makoto is modeled either after Tetsu OR Okita Souji. Being that westerners only have this attachment to "SHINSENGUMI" via anime and rogue downloads of NHK! Shinsengumi - i can entirely see WHY you're not given more.

You are given a GOOD SLICE of japanese history and I would actually enjoy going back on an alt trying to re-visit the Kugane, Doman and Azim Steppe arcs and trying to piece them towards what Japanese and Asian historical marks there are. For example: What story inspired Gosetsu and Yugiri? I should have been able to pick at this, being that i've been half-tracking these sort of things before now... But due to mitigating circumstances and my anxiety I may have glossed over them.

By the way Shinsengumi in FFXIV = SEIKISEIGUMI. I'm almost positive that's a take on Roshigumi or even another arm of the Shinsengumi.

Also: Western Univerities don't teach the side of the Tokugawa shogunate, and teach it as if it were the western influenced other side of things. Which to me just sort of feels a tad race batiey but i'm not - I gave up on that form of academics, I got a design degree for a reason!

Anyways ... That may not have been as BEEFY as some would have liked, but it's a good indication opinion wise ON WHY i think these are good classes. Remember i'm practically brand new to this game and i'm attempting while i try and find a job to become some format of a content creator.

If you like what you've read, or have things to add either use the comments section below OR - sign up via social media to use the forums! There's a whole member section and a shared gallery. Just don't be like that one wanker who used the site help chat to send dick pics.