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So I guess this is new to anyone who didn't know - But you CAN Sign up to use this site kind of like a social website. I don't expect a ton of people to, but if you're interested here's some stuff you can do:

  1. Use the forums, either to promote yourself or to chat about extensions of the FFXIV blog posts I've been making - or discuss other topics.

  2. I believe there's a user gallery function?

  3. I think there's a user posting function, which I have to look into that LOL

Overall there's a membership function, and you can use social media to sign up with. I don't track you, but the social media sites do. If you're on any browser using a no script plugin - you'll have to either temp allow, or figure out what's safe enough to allow. (I have firefox now, and I have no script loaded - i have to consistently tell it my own website is safe LOL.)

I'll confirm most of this when i remember what i've actually put on here LOL.

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