DISCLAIMER: The Cue File may have listings for tracks that skipped due to some errors in my file handling. I'd re-arranged my hard drive between sets and forgot to fix it all in MIXX.

Tracklist Edit # Track Artist Buy 1 DarkStarDrop DARK STAR DJ KIERAN 2 Arguing On The Level DJ KIERAN DARK STAR 3 THIS IS HALLOWEEN (VIOLET ORLANDI COVER) VIOLET ORLANDI 4 In The Dark Kieran Somerville 5 Why Don't You Get A Job (Official Music Video) The Offspring 6 HEY MAN SO LONG ZILCH 7 Du Hast vs Telephone Rammstein vs Lady Gaga 8 My Agenda (feat. Village People & Pussy Riot) [Official Audio] Dorian Electra 9 P.I.M.P. (Lofi Remix by L.Dre) 50 Cent 10 REQUESTS NEEDED? Dark Star Radio Drop by Kieran Somerville 11 Dark Stars In Space Kieran Somerville 12 Macklemore vs Bob Marley, Elton John, Ludacris, The Doors - Na Na Mr. Roboto (by A PLUS D) mixes and mashups #31 13 Tiny Little Adiantum cover (Omae wa Mou Already Dead) Rainych 14 Bottom Bitch (Official Video) Doja Cat 15 In the End Black Veil Brides 16 Dahlia (Studio version) X Japan 17 Genkai Haretsu hide 18 WHAT'S UP MR JONES zilch 19 Fuck Like A Star (Porcelain Black) Porcelain and The Tramps 20 100% Angelspit 21 ELECTRIC CUCUMBER Zilch 22 AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL 8 bit 23 CARAMELL DANSEN (DJ SHIMAMURA REMIX) caramell 24 MATSURI JAPAN J-SUMMER MIX RE-VENGE 25 ILLUMINATI MALICE MIZER 26 my cloud Pierrot 27 PARADISE KMFDM 28 You?re My Disease Schwein 29 Ram It Down (feat. Mood Killer, Lil Mariko, & Lil Texas) [Official Audio] Dorian Electra 30 My Leftovers (Porcelain Black) Porcelain and The Tramps 31 ORIGINAL WHUT 32 DJ DROP DJ KIERAN THE NERD @ DARK STAR 33 IV. Sweatpants Problem 34 Comme Des Gar�ons (Like the Boys) Rina Sawayama 35 The Way I Are (Jatins Desi Mix) (Feat Keri Hilson &d.O.E.) Timbaland 36 Rick & Morty Get Schwifty (Trap Remix) Swicty 37 TRANS PAN AND EQUALLY NERDY DJ KIERAN @ DARK STAR RADIO 38 Tongue Tied (Official Lyric Video) Marshmello x YUNGBLUD x blackbear 39 The Sound Of Science Portal 40 The SIMP Song LOL 41 Vanilla (MARS Ver.) Gackt 42 Flamboyant (Official Video) Dorian Electra 43 Sunflower (Spider?Man: Into the Spider?Verse) Swae Lee 44 Dark Star Drop (TTS VERSION) DJ KIERAN @ DARK STAR RADIO

TAGGED #electronica #rock #edm #industrial #post-punk A mix of everything and inbetween - the first night of actually streaming on Dark Star Radio. Next week i'll plan better, cause i had some glitches. As in there were newer songs i made that weren't played because i moved them before fixing the playlist for this week. NEXT WEEK WILL BE BETTER I SWEAR! :P

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