Cathartic Nightmare: Weekly Twitch Stream


Weekly chapter reading, discussion and hangout! I'm audience/fandom building and I want your input while i'm working on things for my post graduate degree proposal!

Cathartic Nightmare is a SCIFI/FANTASY with LGBTIQA+ and other themes involved. You want to read ahead? I have a few chapters up on the blog and thats where we'll be starting off from.

As you know from my website i'm a graduate of communication design, and I've recently been given the opportunity to expand my world into a format that lays beyond just google docs.

Each week i'll be attempting to read through ONE chapter, and we'll have some fun discussing things. I am aware this IS the internet! So critiques are welcome, we just have to lay ground rules on the following:

  1. This is a copyrighted piece of work. Fan creations must be put through me - not that i'm trying to be cocky, just because i'm at the current stage not ready for this whole thing to be stolen.

  2. If you're on stream, be prepared - Your consent to be recorded is when you join the voice chat on the scheduled stream day. If you don't want to be recorded, just chat in the twitch chat - and if that's not going to work just join the website and add your feedback later!

  3. This is in part sponsored by Dark Star Radio, however i'm unsure how to stream to the radio the way I would to twitch - so Podcast recordings may end up on a specific night on the radio if you've missed it. If not, i'll put it on my mixcloud.

  4. BE RESPECTFUL. It's OK to tease, it's ok to have fun - and engage in the world. What's not ok is to ruin it for others.

  5. Feedback is feedback, good or bad - just be prepared outside of "U SUCK" because that's not feedback.

  6. If something in the story is triggering, or content is racially inaccurate or history inaccurate - please feel free to voice your concerns, this is what i'm trying to get into doing. I'm trying to garner an audience, and i'm trying to gather people who are willing to critique. As far as i'm aware nothing should do this, but nobody's perfect.

  7. This content that i'm reading through is an extremely rough draft and has only been checked for grammatical inconsistencies. Full editing will happen at a later date.

  8. I don't make money on this, and i'm not a twitch affiliate yet - so if you feel that you want to donate to the cause feel free - but nobody is expected to. I don't always have the money to do things and we're in a pandemic.

  9. HAVE FUN, this is not an academic piece of fiction - it is being used in future for a PROJECT of "DESIGN" - I'm working on proposing an illustrated magazine, and the only academic nature to this is the written proposal i'm working on and the future of the programme should i get accepted.

  10. And thank you, in advance for engaging - your presence is honestly more than I could ever ask for.

Schedule is going to be SEMI concrete - it's once a week, but pending if i have any RL commitments or i'm exhausted AF. I'm a new variety streamer so i'm usually pulling wicks at both ends playing games for the hell of it to stream.

Join the discord to get full updates on the upcoming schedule:

Any queries beyond that? Comment below, use the forums or email me via the contact forms on the site here.