Cathartic Nightmare: Chapter Six


“Ok what am… What am I looking for in this one?” I wasn’t paying attention, this one was a trick question. By trick question it was a childhood photo. I grabbed the photo without looking and asked Makoto before I even looked down at it.

“Well if you’re gonna be that dumb, tell me the exact details about it. I was just gonna pass it to you for sentimental value, but since you’re too dumb to actually look at what it was before asking.” Makoto laughed and dumped about a box full of other photos from the same time. “Here while you’re at it, finish your training!“

“Hey that’s not nice, you’re tormenting him.” Saitou grabbed Makoto by the collar and glared straight into his eyes.

“No, I’m going to go find more shit to ask him about this was just...I was just giving him back photos of his childhood because we’d had them all boxed up. Dumbass, I’m not that evil.” Makoto unclasped Saitou’s fingers and patted him up top his head and walked out to the corridor where more boxes were. “Pick a number one to ten dear brother, you can help your husband with this one.”

“Is this even a good idea? I Mean you’re putting him at risk for a stroke or worse, brain death.” Saitou furrowed his brows and followed Makoto out to the hallway and looked at the number of boxes. “I Guess 5?”

“Ok cool, that’s the one I was hoping you’d pick.”

“You read my mind before I even came out here.”

“No, but I know my brother well enough to know that you know what I put in these boxes in case this ever happened this way.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“And you’re not yourself entirely, you want a muffin?”

“Don’t tempt the mouse, I’m having enough trouble as it is processing everything.” Saitou walked back in with the box and stood in front of me. “You can open this one, I can’t promise what’s in it - I don’t even remember anymore.” He looked troubled, and frankly I could tell he was losing his grip at this moment. I wasn’t the only one for once, this was an effect of the times. Sai wasn’t getting any younger, and the soulbond must’ve worked both ways - and with the timing we have to get things done - it’s no wonder he’s like this.

“Are… Are you ok?” I wanted to reach out to him, but he started walking away as if he were ashamed of the situation. I know I'm losing the plot myself, and even more so with the barriers down. I know i don’t remember everything yet, and I certainly want to know more. Maybe it’s something I said in a previous moment in time, maybe it’s the fact I keep forgetting things.

“No, I’ll see you in our apartment later on. I have some errands to run.” Saitou grabbed a hair tie from his pocket and pulled back his shoulder-length blonde hair into a loose ponytail. “Mike.” I took a stab, I had a feeling. It’s a walker thing I guess.


“I asked you a question.”

“I answered you.”

I curled my lip and threw the nearest object, preferably not a stapler - at him. Lucky for me it was a stuffed toy that looked eerily like Izuchi and Makoto. Kinda odd if you ask me, because I Don’t remember these existing in this version of time - not at least the version I'm currently living.

“I told you don’t.” He caught the toy with his right hand after turning around, both eyes turned baby-ice blue.

“I just want to know what’s going on, I’m not mad. If it’s something i said to Shiro years ago, i’m sorry - I get caught up when I get confused and when I don’t understand shit i’m a real asshole.” I’m right on this one, not necessarily what I said the one time - but because I'm an absolute dick when I'm confused and forgetful. You’d think I'm an early onset dementia patient.

“We’re running out of time, and Sai’s lack of trust and faith in the process is causing a rift that’s all. As well, of course - I can’t get solid answers on anything because well, his younger half has blocked me from even responding to shit.” Sai shook his head and patted me on the shoulder, “It’s not you, it’s not even Sai - it’s just everything’s a mess and we’re running out of time.”

“Ok, I just want you to know i’m OK with everything - I may not remember 90% of it yet - but I have a feeling I understand regardless.” I feel like I'm virtue signalling here, but that’s me for you.

“OK with what?” “You saving Sai.”

“It was a mutual thing, but it had to happen in a weird way that accidentally fucked up parts of time. Your husband isn’t naturally a Walker, and he refused to do it in a way that made me lose my humanity.” He sighed and smiled, “I have to go, honestly - we have errands to run and Sai wasn’t meant to be around pacing and worrying about your not so feeble mind.”

“My brother’s a worry-wart. There’s not a lot you can do to prevent him from dismantling things when he’s in a mood. He means well, just - you’ll have to keep an eye on him. “ Makoto yelled from halfway across the room, not caring who was near or far. Worst part was, he wasn’t just vocally yelling - being a telepath he’d forget that he was mind yelling at the same time. I think my head just exploded. Anyone got a mop?

“HEY OI THAT … WAS MY EARS AND MY HEAD CAN YOU NOT?!?” I yelled back and threw another toy, this time at Makoto. “EAT YOUR OWN FACE YOU LOUD MONSTER”

“Maturity was never your strong point.” Makoto rolled his eyes and smacked me on the left side of my head. “Any chance you can pinpoint anything with those toys?”

I grabbed one of the ones I didn’t throw - and you know how i’ve spent at least a day or two working my brains out over this shit? Well, guess what? My brain finds it funny, or something finds it funny because this time it’s throwing me into another one of those loops! It’s not like I can tell if it’s because I'm a fourth generation walker, or because I'm just an absolute exhausted idiot. I’ve been asked if I can predict where and when and how - and I just shrug at people.

Everything goes black.

I’m dizzy as all get out, and I'm trying to climb out of the darkness before it becomes something worse than it should be. The problem is, by the time I'm actively climbing out I'm already waking up. The lights come back into my eyes and I roll out of bed, face first onto the floor.

“OWWWWWWWW. WHAT THE…?” Luckily for me, it was only a small roll onto my face as I was evidently already hanging half-way off the bed. Something’s in my mouth, I can’t pinpoint what the damn feeling is - and why do i feel like i’ve been drooling all over myself. I look around to get a register on what’s up, where’s up and when’s up.


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