About Me

My name is Kieran Somerville. I am now graduated from the Otago Polytechnic School of Design in the Bachelor of Design (Communication).  The subject I am most passionate about in my degree is the field of illustration.  

I was born and raised in Minnesota and moved to New Zealand with my mother in 1999.  For a small amount of time, I had moved back with my Father from 2001 to 2005. Since then I have been in Dunedin and have yet to leave.  While Minnesota is my home, where I was born - New Zealand is my home now as well. 

My overarching theme in my aesthetic is to be different. I bend the rules of software and think outside the box.  Bright colors, bold colors and passionate themes. I work with poster design, comic book design and graphic novel and also animation styled illustration.

I grew up reading Marvel Comics and studied artists like Joe Madureira, Andy Kubert, Steve Lightle, David Jahn, Jim Lee as well as Jack Kirby and many others. Titles that left a huge impression on me were the X-Men series, Guardians of the Galaxy, Witchblade and The Darkness.  Some other great influences have been Japanese Animation and Manga, as well as Fantasy Novel illustrations and book covers.

I identify as Transgender (Female to Male) and have not started my physical transition yet. My pronouns are he/him if at all possible.  I left my sense of gender on the airplane in 1999.  I keep digging in my pockets and backpack to see If I can find it again. Yet like my imagination when I was 3 - I think my gender may have fallen out the window.  If you see it on one of those milk carton missing children ads, please let me know via the contact form.

I have graduated from Roseville Area High School with a general education diploma (Go Roseville Raiders!!).  I have also studied at Bayfield High School and Queens High School in Dunedin in my formative teenage years. I’ve also previously studied at the University of Otago doing international studies. Art Institutes International in Minnesota doing Graphic and Web Design.  Century College in Minnesota doing a semester of post-secondary in graphic and web design. 

I recently have become engaged again with the Virtual World named Second Life. Starting a virtual business as well as a cafe/hangout for people to enjoy. It was meant to just be a slow process, until the global pandemic hit - and during lockdown I’ve been trying to boost my process. The blog and parts of this website reflect my Second Life Journey. 

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